Three Different Preparation Ideas for a Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey

1. Bird in a bag: One busy friend gave this reccomendation years ago when I was researching methods for a better turkey. Bake the Thanksgiving turkey in a bag for a juicer tastier bird. For this method I would recommend the store bought oven bags. Follow the directions for best results.

2. Brine the bird: This is our preferred method. You soak the raw turkey overnight in a brine (salt solution) and then drain, rinse and bake. It is very flavorful and delicious. Make fabulous gravy and people fight for leftovers. We use a simple brine and baste with an apple cider glaze. Here is a Thanksgiving Turkey Brinedthat uses the apple cider for the brine itself.

3. Inject your Turkey: When reviewing best turkey methods with friends this was one of the latest methods that we considered (but the brine works out so well why mess with perfection). Get your injection kit and inject your bird with flavor. This method came highly recommended.

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