Tidying Up and Organizing Your Laundry Space


Women of the past did not call laundry day, “Blue Monday”, for nothing.

The drudgery of laundry is well known, documented, and goes back to the beginning of time.

In the late 19th and early 20th century homemaking experts discovered that organizing a room in the manner in which activities happened helped tremendously in reducing the time spent in chores and also the relative ease with which they were accomplished.

In other words space out your rooms so that you are moving in the direction of the work being done.

There is no better place to get things under control in this manner than in the laundry room.

Whether your washer and dryer are behind sliding doors in the hallway, you have a dinky room dedicated to work load, or you have a big spacious laundry room that can also hold pet supplies, and double as a mud room. This area where the Blue Monday details are dealt with will make things much easier if you organize your laundry space.

Start with the washer and dryer. Regardless of if you have front or top loading machines sometimes you can find prime laundry room real estate between the two of these machines. While you can purchase little organizers that fit right between,  you can also use the area to prop other items. I tend to use this space to prop my dryer’s sweater rack and also my air drying rack until needed. Obviously I'm of the dinky room variety.

On top of your washers is another great place for organizing. Alternatively if you can keep this space clean it’s a great area to fold clothes on. Many people add a countertop on top of their machines. I'm thinking about this. I do have front loading machines on top of drawer organizers so this space is a bit high for me to fold clothes on unless I add a short stool in front…it's a possibility. But if yours comes to waist height it’s a good place to accomplish this task.

Is your laundry room behind closed doors? If so the door to the room itself is a great place to attach a behind the door organizer and get some of those bulky cleaning products and mops and such out of the way.

Attach a laundry shelf above the washer and dryer for more above head storage. Don’t want to put holes in the wall? I’ve been a renter and I know how that is. There are also shelves that can attach to your washer and dryer allowing for more storage without breaking into the drywall.

If your family is in charge of sorting their own laundry have 3 baskets in the laundry room for the dumping of clothes. Darks, Whites, and Lights.

Keep your laundry room or space clean. Dust, vacuum and wipe often. This is supposed to be an area that clean clothes come out of.

I have found that organizing the laundry room area makes doing the ‘wash’ that much less…well, irritating.

Things you need in your laundry room:

  • Clothing Rod: Use a shower rod to hang your damp delicates for air drying.
  • Shelves: Oh goodness we all need shelving no matter how small the laundry room. This space saving shelf hangs over your washing machine when you've got nowhere else to go.
  • Organizing Bins: Bins in your laundry room can help you keep things together and organized in an area that gets a lot of work.

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