Tidying Up in the Dining Room: 34 Weeks of Clean

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I’m not sure what week we’re on in 34 Weeks of Clean but this past week our chore was to tidy up our Dining Room areas.

If you’ve been following along with 34 Weeks of Clean your home should be coming along nicely. When everyone else starts to Spring Clean their homes in a frenzy next month you’ll be halfway done moving along at a more organized pace really getting into the depths of your home.

Last week Michele wanted us to open up cupboards and cabinets in the dining room to declutter, and clear out. But I don’t have any of those pieces in my dining room.

My dining room is rather small. More of a pass through to the kitchen from the living room and vice versa. Instead I chose to focus on the chair and table legs.

I was given a bottle of some nice On Guard Cleaner Concentrate from doTERRA to try out so I decided to use that. I knew my table legs probably need some refinishing work and I’m not ready to do that. Instead I decided to just wipe them down really well.
On Guard is one of doTERRA’s essential oil blends. On Guard is known as a Protective Blend used for immune system support and protection against environmental threats. It’s inclusion in a cleaning concentrate makes sense and you wipe germs from surfaces.

So I diluted the On Guard concentrate with some water to wipe down all the legs of the chairs and table. Small dining room, small work. This obviously didn’t take long and frankly our table legs can use a lot more help than this.

Our table has was originally my husband’s desk so it’s been in use for over 20 years.


The On Guard Cleaner  all purpose cleaner has kind of a citrusy ginger scent. It’s one of the many products from doTerra Essential Oils. I’ve been slowly moving out all my harsher cleaners because they’re making me wheeze when I clean and I’ve been slowly incorporating more Essential Oils into my regular cleaning. If you think you’d like to give Essential Oils a try I’m holding a giveaway for a Family Phyisician Kit of Essential Oils from doTerra. It ends on February 28 so check it out and if it looks like a fit for you do enter.

So that is what I did in my dining room and, well it’s so small it’s clean. Ta da!

Cleaning Up Your Dining Room

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  1. Does the cleaner leave a scent behind? I can only use the OnGuard on myself because of its potential interactions with my daughter’s medicines. I wonder if I could enjoy the OnGuard scent while cleaning when she’s not around. I the oil on myself, just not on or near her.

  2. Less stuff equals less cleaning! yay!! I have not heard of that particular cleaner and need to check it out. I love using oils in our homemade products! Try tea tree as well! Thanks for linking up, Kemi!

  3. It is satisfying to know when you have a deep cleaned table and chairs. I use and oil/lemon juice or vinegar mixture after I’ve done a deep clean. It helps the worn finish look much nicer on our table.

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