Tidying Up the Garage : 34 Weeks of Clean

Well we’re here towards the end of 34 Weeks of Clean (1 more week).

Michele has been a trouper all this past year guiding us as we straightening up our homes and spaces. I don’t know if she realizes how much she has inspired me and others to get it together in the home. I think without her this past first year in our new home would have been dismal indeed. It’s easy to get relaxed after the boxes are unpacked and then the dust gathers and before you know it you’re buried in mess!

This week was bout the garage.



This past week we worked on the garage. This has been an eyesore in our home. When we first moved in we had it nicely organized. And then we started acquiring things to work in the yard. We’d never had a yard before so this was new. A lawn mower, an edger, a weed wacker, wood and wire for the raised bed garden. The list goes on. Before long our garage got a bit out of whack.

Even though the challenge was for this past week we actually started a couple of weeks ago spending an afternoon getting through excess of cardboard boxes.

About Cardboard Boxes

Do you save the boxes from every appliance you buy in the hopes of using them the next time you move?


That’s what we were doing. So yeah we had a ton of boxes! Just check out our styrofoam pile! We spent one full day taking care of that.


Then the the next day my husband finally took down some plastic shelves we’ve had for a while (that I hope to use in a garden shed some day) and moved my cleaning supplies so that I could access them easier.


So far we’ve “slightly” organized one side of the garage.

As you can see below we’re far from done but working in spurts like this we do what we can about once a week.

I can now access my freezer better. The carpet shampooer is on the other side of the garage now. It was 90+ on Wednesday so we had the big fan going in there while we worked (I also stupidly did some lawn work but that’s another story).


BTW still working on the home office and the homeschool room is getting an update.

How are you doing as we head into the home stretch of 34 Weeks of Clean?

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  1. Awww, thanks for the sweet words! I am so proud of everyone who has participated with us and it has been an honor to work with you on this project! Your garage work is getting there- keep up the good work! And yes, my husband keeps many appliance boxes as well. Drives me crazy! 😉

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