Washing Your Windows



So let’s get busy with cleaning your windows.

A vinegar and water mix will work just fine if you prefer. It's all about the method rather than the mix but there are some mixes said to work better than others.

It is also said to clean your windows on a hazy day to avoid streaks that happen on sunnier days.

This is for indoor washing. I'll leave you a little note about what I do for outdoor washing of windows.

Here are the tools

  • Window Cleaner of choice. I use Spray Away which was recommended by the guy who installed our glass shower doors. It does do a great job and you can get it super cheap at Lowes or Home Depot.
  • Cleaning cloths. I use microfiber for the whole thing. Cotton will also work. Newspaper…me
  • Squeegee (optional and for if you are not using microfiber)
  • All Purpose Cleaner for your window sills. (lemon scented reportedly repels spiders)

Your Window Cleaning Tips

First of all as I hinted at above that when you’re washing your windows if they dry too quickly it will leave smears so opt for an overcast day with cooler temperatures to get your window washing done (this is for indoors).

Start by dusting and wiping off the window sills. You can use your All Purpose Cleaner for that. That's what I do. If you have curtains vacuum them or have them washed. Same for the blinds. Dust them and then get them out of the way (pull them up) for cleaning your windows.

Now spray your Window Cleaner from the top to the bottom of one window pane.

Next (1)Take your cleaning/microfiber cloth and starting from the top wipe left to right (or right to left) all the way down with your cleaning cloth of choice until you reach the base of the window. Stand back and admire your work and then do the same on the next pane. Repeat until done.

or (2) If you have a squeegee then use it to remove the cleaning liquid by going over the window from left to right starting at the top. Wipe up the cleaning solution that collects on the squeegee with a clean cloth.

When doing the outside windows pick up a Outdoor Window Cleaning Kit with a telescoping handle to hold it so you don’t have to involve any ladders.

Your inside windows should be washed a few times a year. If you do one room a month that would be a nice set up. The outside windows are general done in the Spring and Fall. If you can do them more often that is ideal but they are not the easiest.

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