What Can You Do to Strengthen Your Christian Marriage?

I think I lucked out.
When a Christian couple decides to take an important step into the sanctity of marriage they want their marriage to stay strong forever. I mean who doesn’t? But how does that actually happen? Anyone who is married knows that a good marriage takes work.

Is there some secret to making sure you will be together until death do us part?

No. But there are certainly things you can do to help the marriage you have.

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I think I lucked out. My husband is a gem. I don’t talk about him much on the blog because we made a deal I would pretty much keep him out of it. He’s a humble private man and not into telling his business. He does like me to take pictures of his dinners for Instagram though. I have the only computer in the home and that’s the way he likes it. We gave him a kindle but I dust it off once a week and he’s never used it. Well maybe once when he tried to catch up on some sports. He gave up. True story. He calls himself Daddy Big, which is said in gest because he’s so lean, so that’s how we’ll refer to him.

My mother has been making the comment lately that we have such a good marriage and home. She hangs out with us a lot and says she can tell because we laugh a lot. It’s true and funny enough it was that very thing that irritated me about my husband when we first met. He laughed, a lot, and was/is very funny. He makes people smile. So annoying right?

And on top of it something about him makes people share their troubles. They ask him for prayer. Call him out of the blue so he can calm them down. Seek him out in a time of need. He’s that guy.

So I got lucky. He makes me laugh and has brought us through the toughest times. Like when we lost our baby. He’s hurting too but going above and beyond to take care of me. I knew it then too. I don’t feel like my marriage is work but I feel guilty. Like I lucked out and I don’t appreciate him enough for all he does. And he does a lot!

What can I do for my husband to show my appreciation? What Can You Do to Strengthen My Christian Marriage?

  1. Pray for your husband. I make it a point to pray for my husbadn each day. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and have witnessed the power in many ways. Pryaing for his protection and peace are on the top of my list as he ventures out to earn a living for his family.
  2. Be happy to see him when he comes home. I have to work on this. I used to greet my husband in a rather grumpy mood. My daughter on the other hand runs to the door and jumps in daddy’s arms (she’s getting too big for this). Seeing how happy this makes him has made me shake myself out of the slump and go welcome my husband into his yummy smelling home (I’m usually cooking dinner).
  3. Do simple special things. My husband is so good at this. All the time he does simple special things for me. And I could learn such a lesson from him. The other day I walked in the bedroom and he had folded all the laundry I was letting wrinkle up in the baskets. Before that he came home with 4 bags of my favorite soy-free chocolate just to surprise me. One evening he stayed out in the garden until well after dark setting up my raised beds so I could start gardening the next day. I could go on but I know going that extra mile to make him feel special as it has made me.
  4. Lastly, a Christian Marriage will not grow stronger without the mutual love of the Lord. Each day spend time together with your spouse and God. Whether that includes going to church together, reading your bible together, or allocating a portion of each day to spend in prayer together, this is so important for the growth AND strength of a Christian marriage.

Make a conscious decision to incorporate some of these (especially the last)  into your marriage on a daily basis and you and your spouse will be on the road to a long lasting love filled marriage with each other and the Lord.

14 Days of Praying for your Marriage and Husband


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