What Do you Think of When You Hear the Word “Test”


It’s another Five Minute Friday and today’s word is “test”.

When I hear the word test immediately I think of my daughters homeschool curriculum and all the tests we’ve had in only these few short weeks. Rather than discourage her they have been encouraging her. They also keep me on my toes to make she she is learning and mastering her various concepts. Rather than see it as a tool of torture she sees it as a challenge. A game to be won against herself. How well can I do? Can I beat last week’s score? What if it was an A? Can I keep it up. She asks me to grade right then and there and then gives a fist pump. I think I have a little competitor on my hands.

Another thing I think of when hearing the word test is what the Lord sometimes requires us to go through. Tests of faith. Nothing comes easy but everything comes by faith. Are you in a test right now? What are you going through and how can you grow from it or learn? What is the test trying to teach you? Sometimes when you have passed you will have a moment of rest (sometimes). In everything give thanks this is the will of God concerning you.

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  1. Joy found through testing – sounds like a faith lesson straight out of James. 🙂 I hope she keeps up that joy of finding out the results of how she has done.

    1. 🙂 Thanks Lori. So far so good. She likes to greet her dad at the door with all of her A’s. But I still try to encourage her for progress not perfection. If we miss a few that’s okay too (as long as laziness isn’t the factor).

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