What’s Going on in the Garden: July Blogging Challenge Day 22

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Today is Day 22 of the July Blogging Challenge hosted by This Day Has Great Potential and A Glimpse of Our Life and today’s topic is Garden.

This is a timely post this week as my garden made a real turn this month. If you don’t know I do a Monthly Garden Party Link Up  with my friend Wren from FinchnWren.com I  got really discouraged last month because it seemed that bugs and disease had riddled my garden. My tomatoes looked awful. I was pretty sure the zucchini had some issues and I saw no flowers on my peppers to speak of. Aside from my too small onions and supposedly pest resistant swiss chard which had/has a ton of holes I was already looking to what to do different next year.

Oh wow what a difference a few weeks in the garden makes!

Just last week we served a dinner for eight from our garden. Fresh mixed vegetables and a delicious salad were all hits that accompanied our lamb and I’ve even been giving away produce! All this from what I thought was a dead garden.

What did I do?

I continued to water first of all. Even with I assumed was a doomed production I still kept up the watering.

My other first inclination was to dig up and throw out the tomato plants. My husband kept asking me but I never found the energy to attend to it. Meanwhile they rallied and started to produce. I’ve also read (here) that when the heat is too high tomato plants don’t flower etc. I thought I’d lost my mortgage lifter tomatoes to some fungus. But they have new flowers and are hanging in there! Yippeee!

I REALLY thought my heirloom tomato plant was a dud but even as small as it is there are flowers and it has started growing. I’ve been spraying with a fungicide and diatomaceous earth, actually over all of the garden, so this might have something to do with it’s bounteous growth.

The rest of the garden is producing well and we’ve been eating lots of zucchini, onions, and swiss chard. I’ve also been making salads with the tomatoes and cucumber. The peppers are just coming but I’m excited.


I’ll have a better update early in August.

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  1. I got my gardening post up finally. I’m having the same problems with my tomatoes. Exactly what did you do with the DM? Did you just dissolve it in water and feed it to the plants or spray the leaves too? I have seen bugs but my husband said they were stink bugs and weren’t hurting them? They were big and ugly LOL. I’ve started pruning them. Or rather telling my husband to. I really, really, want to be able to eat at least one tomato from the four plants that I have!!

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