6 Steps to an Organized Home

Your home needs a plan.

Where to Start When Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

You probably landed on this page because lately you've been thinking this of your home… “I've GOT to get this place together!”

I'm talking about your home.

The clutter and maybe even dirt and grime has gotten out of control and you want to know where do you start when you need to get things together?

You need a plan.  A method for picking things up and making them right!

Here are some tips to help you formulate a plan for organizing your home and getting it together

1. Get a plan. I'm talking about a plan for getting your home in order. It can be in any order you wish.  Planning Meals. Working out Routines. And getting the whole family on board. Plan what steps you will take to organize your home. And if you need help check out our Put Your Homemaking Binder together series. While walking you through making your Home Planner it will also help you organize your home routines. 

2. Have a reason for getting your home in order. It can be any reason. You have a new home, new apartment. Newly married. You yourself can't take the mess anymore. You want a cleaner more organized home for your children, your family, your guests.

3. Imagine your home cleaned up and organized. Do you like what you see? Imagine in all the counters and tabletops were cleared off. Beds are made. Laundry is put away. Bathrooms and kitchens cleaned up and shiny. You know where your car keys were. How many good batteries or lightbulbs you have left or at least where you kept the extras. You like? That's what we're aiming for. Your end result.

4. You will see results.…eventually. Trust in this. Your home won't be transformed overnight so don't look for that. But in doing the small every day details you will find outlined throughout this blog know that you will see a big payoff if you keep at it. Hang in there. The things you do to keep you home clean and organized will work. You will see results from your efforts. Some people will probably see and notice your efforts before you even realize it.

5. Give it time. Researchers show that it takes 21 days to make something a habit and 100 days to make it a commitment. Mark your calendar for 21 days of homemaking (cleaning and organizing your home) and then give yourself a reward for making it through those days. Have a simple tea party for family or friends (or yourself). Make a celebration cake. Buy or start making yourself a Home Organizer. Or whatever makes a good reward system for you.

6. Get right on it! Start today. Make a bed. Do all the dishes. Vacuum. Clean off that little section of your computer desk just to right of you. Just get to it! Work out the details later.

Organizing Your Home Tips For a simple schedule of House Cleaning read How to Have a Clean Home Also if in the midst of straightening up your home you see the need to declutter check out our article 5 Steps for Clutter Control. And again…. Happy Cleaning! (your family loves you for this, among other things)

I'm decluttering my home room by room a Certified Organizational Specialist

It's probably best if it's for yourself rather than other people, as you're more likely to stick with it.

On the other hand I hear a lot of people say they aren't going to clean up for visitors. I think this is a mistake. Why wouldn't you clean for guests in your home? You would want them to clean for you wouldn't you? Or do you enjoy living in squalor and visiting others who live in squalor?If you want a clean and inviting home and feel it's a good thing to be hospitable to others and give them the idea that yes they are special and you take a bit of pride in welcoming them in a graceful manner in your home then read on.

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