Why It’s a Good Idea to Create New Goals

As a homemaker you should make goals. Goals are a good thing. Homemaking is most likely not the only hat you wear and as the years move on you will find yourself having to create goals to accomplish new things and keep moving forward.

Is that kind of vague? Sorry!

How about this. Maybe when you were first stepping into your role as a homemaker you had one goal. For example learn how to meal plan. Or maybe it was how to create a simple schedule for a clean home.

Then as time went on that goal morphed into learn how to make sourdough from scratch. Or possibly declutter the home office. Find time in the day to homeschool. And finally starting that blog business.

Whatever your home goals are there is a good way to go about them so that you actually achieve them.

My Personal Goals

I’m no stranger to creating goals. And I’m no stranger to not achieving my goals when I don’t put strategies into place to achieve them.

A few years ago while browsing through the small list of blogs I read I landed on what I found to be a interesting post. The author was going through her list of goals that she had made January 1st and checking off those she had done. She also listed how far along she was in her goals or if she had even touched the others.

Rather cool I thought. And something I should do.

I always have good intentions around the start of the New Year. All the things I envision myself doing and accomplishing before the next New Year rolls around.

But somewhere around March or maybe even April I usually forget I even made goals let alone what they were.

So instead of waiting until the New Year it’s a good thing to create new goals more often. How about every quarter?

How to Create Goals

So maybe when you hear the word GOALS you think, “well I don’t know what my goals are?!” Sure you do. The first part of setting goals is sitting down and thinking about what you want to accomplish. They don’t have to be big and fashionable. They can be really small (always a good idea if you are a procrastinator) or yes they can be big.

  1. Write your goals down. Something about the act of putting those goals to paper signals us to realize “Hey this is real! I’d better get on it!” So put those goals to paper and make sure it is in ink. Use a different piece of paper for each goal. Write down the steps necessary to achieve it and all of the accompanying details.
  2.  Tackle your goal in bite sized pieces. Goals are easier to digest in smaller doses. Whether you want to lose a specific amount of weight, organize your home, learn a craft or what have you realize that it’s the pieces that make the whole. Be sure to break it down into sizes that you can reasonably accomplish in your given amount of time.
  3.  Give yourself a deadline. Don’t let your goals drag on endlessly. Behaviorists agree it takes 21 days of consistency to make something a habit so at least give yourself that amount of time before moving on to the next step in your goal or a new goal.
  4. Post your goals. Put those goals somewhere you will be reminded of them. On your fridge. In your daily planner. In a cute picture frame on your dresser or even in your kitchen. Confront yourself with your goals often.
  5. Know what you can reasonably accomplish. We must be aware of what we can reasonably do. If not you set yourself up for disappointment. I’m reminded of women striving for longer hair. They don’t come from a bob and say “Next year I will have hip length hair.” No they take it a step at a time. From shoulder length, to armpit length, to midback, to waist and beyond and each milestone is worth a celebration.
  6.  Speaking of celebrations. Reward yourself for each step of your goal that you accomplish. Just as you are rewarded for achieving a goal in the workplace reward yourself for the achievements in your personal goals. No need to break the bank even the tiniest reward works to motivate you to continue on.


Some of my Past Personal Goals

Here are some of my past and ongoing personal goals of mine.

  1. Read through most of the books on my Kindle: This is one where I really struggle. Because I collect books faster than I can read them. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited to feed my reading habit but I try to alternate between reading books from there and ones I own.
  2. Do more Use What I Have Decorating: I haven’t done much decorating since we moved. I don’t know if I’m overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start but that is a goal. I did a tiny bit over the summer but I’ve never completely redecorated a room in this home.
  3. Redo 34 Weeks of Clean: Michele of Family, Faith, and Fridays even called me out on this but I have yet to start 34 Weeks of Clean Revisited. So yeah. That’s a goal.
  4. Take some Classes: I’m a fan of ebook and ecourse bundles. I can get a lot of classes and resources I may have had my eye one without eating through my budget. The only problem is I have A LOT! I mean a lot. After collecting my 3 bundle of blogging courses I knew I had to finally start making headway with them. So far I’ve taken (and loved) Blog by Number, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, and Powerful Strategies to Monetize Your Blog. Results? Stay tuned.


The S.M.A.R.T acronym. Have you heard of it? It’s a great way to make goals that you will actually accomplish.

Specific –  Be Specific and detailed about your goals. What problem is it going to solve? What opportunity will it provide?

Measurable – Your goal will be met when….

Achievable – This is a good place to apply baby steps to your goals. One little thing at a time. Instead of my trying to make it through all of my blogging courses I make each one of them it’s own goal.

Relevant or Realistic – Will this goal solve a problem for you? Is it doable?

Timely – Give yourself a deadline. Don’t let this goal be open ended.

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Need a Course for Accomplishing Your Goals?

Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and walk you through it.

Notice how none of these goals are financial? That’s not good or bad. It just is and I just noticed it. As a family we actually do have a few financial goals. We’ve been saving for a couple of things and well we’re still saving. All is well there. I suppose one day they’ll turn into a “We Paid Cash” story on moneysavingmom.com.

Speaking of MoneySavingMom and goals she’s have a sale on her new course Make Over Your Year. If you’re familiar with her Make Over Your Mornings course this is similar except it’s for reaching your goals.

Make Over Your Year  is a 4 week, hands on course, with coursebook to help you realize your big dreams. Crystal is no stranger to making her dreams come true and she, with her husband, is sharing how to reach your goals even when it seems you have no time to spare.

Make Over Your Year Online Goal Setting Course

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