Your Home’s Launch Pad and Landing Pad

launch pad

Having a set place like this means you rarely misplace these items. They have a home and you know where to find them. I can’t tell you how many times we have been about to leave the home in a timely manner only to end up late because of misplaced keys.


Now where exactly should this place be?


Not necessarily near the door. Your own designated launch/landing pad can be anywhere in your home. Nearest to the door as possible is a good idea. If you place this area in a part of your home not in the path that heads to the door chances are you could  forget to go there altogether and forget everything!


Here are some popular ideal places.

  • Front Hall
  • Kitchen Counter
  • Desk
  • Closet Door

How should your launch/landing pad look?

  • Well clutter free is always best.
  • Designated spots for keys, purse, and mail to go out or that has come in sounds ideal.

Does this all have to be in one place?

I’m of the firm opinion that no it does not. I have two launch/landing pads in my home. Behind the closet door where we place keys. And a little desk near the kitchen where goes purse, cell phones, mail, planner and such.

Other ideas to keep it tidy and efficient.

  • Get some little boxes to hold items such as keys, or stamps.
  • Keep it tidy.
  • A messy launch/landing pad can quickly become a clutter magnet for the family.Put a little message board to post important notes.


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