2015 Blue Ribbon Schoolhouse Review Crew Homeschool Awards

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Well it’s not the end of the homeschool year (for us) but for the Schoolhouse Review Crew it’s the end of a season and time for the…

2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards

Every year the Schoolhouse Review Crew votes up the best of the products they got to review for the past 10+ months. They/We vote in several catagories on things we loved, things that worked for us, things the parents loved, things the kids loved.

This past year our lovely group was blessed to review many different products covering all kinds of subjects for all the grades. Some we loved more than others (that’s the way of it) and some we’ve added into our permanent (for the time being) round up.

As we shut down for the holidays we like to look back and award our favorite homeschool products from the past year.

So before you head off and check out the Crew’s top votes here’s what the Sweet Peanut, Bid Daddy, and I enjoyed from 2015.

There was plenty to choose from this year.  A lot happened and a lot of learning went on. We already use a boxed curriculum that is working very well for us so if something sticks around in our curriculum then it’s really made an impression.

I was pretty selective this year. As the Sweet Peanut gets older I don’t like to muddy the waters with too much stuff and it is tempting to drop what is working in favor of something new. All that being said when I list something as favorite that means we are still working with it or have plans for it in the near future.

Our list is short and sweet and here it is..

Favorite Elective: PianowithWillie

Favorite Spelling Program: IEW Phonetic Zoo

Favorite History/Social Studies: Eat Your US History Homework

Favorite Science Product: Visual Learning Systems

Favorite Book: Visual Learning Systems

Favorite Parenting Product: Koru Naturals

Favorite Audio Drama: Brinkman Adventures


To read the full list and all the items voted on click the (BIG) button below.

2015 Schoolhouse Review Crew Blue Ribbon Awards

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