5 Days of Teaching Creatively- Some Hands on Activities

TeachingCreatively500x375Today’s cruise is all about the hands on activities we do in our homeschool world. Really in all learning what isn’t hands on. Many times we don’t think enough to take pictures of what we have going on. For example in today’s Heritage Studies class we made butter.

In April we’re going to a crafts fair to work with clay and fibers.

In our homeschool we do hands on for…

  • Anything food related
  • Gardening
  • Fiber arts and drawing

But through the years I have a smattering of photos so here we are….

I hope you’ve enjoyed this homeschool cruise. It’s given me great ideas for things we can do in our homeschool and some memories to capture.

Be sure and visit this link for more hands on activities from other Schoolhouse Bloggers.

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