5 Things We Do Every Day in Our Homeschool – No Matter What

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5-things-we-do-homeschool-dayHomeschooling aint’ easy! Have I said that before? It takes commitment, determination, organization (sorry), and energy. It’s definitely a labor of love and you can get as much as your children out of it if you give it you all(ish)

There are definitely days when you don’t have the energy to get the schooling done. I’ve been there and I will be there again but even when these days come there are # things I try to do with my daughter so we still feel like we had a productive day.

1. Devotions: We always start our day with prayer and scripture. We’ve been using Jesus Today Devotions for Kids.
2. Get Dressed for the Day: I’m sorry I had to make this a rule in my homeschool room. When my daughter comes (or used to come in ) wearing pajamas and messy hair her attitude matched her outfit. I quickly put the cabosh on that. So now we both have to come to school ready to work and at least in our home it does make a difference.
3. A healthy breakfast: I’m sure you don’t forget this but for a while this was such a big chore for me. I’ve since simplified things realizing that everyday doesn’t have to be omelets and pancakes.  I make breakfast breads in advance, granola, and boiled eggs. We add fruit and breakfast is done! A great start to the day.
4. Talk about what we’ve learned: Yeah momma’s learning too in homeschool and it really helps if we can hash over what was covered in each subject. We seem to do the most talking about history because that’s so fascinating.
5. Encourage: I remember only too well that I did not receive perfect grades in school. So I try to remember to praise my daughter for each answer she did get right and encourage her as we work for practice makes progress.

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