A List of Lists of Great Books for Elementary Readers

Lists of Great Books for ElementaryIn addition to my daughter’s own favorites here’s a round of lists where you’ll find great reading material for your elementary reader.

My Daughter’s Favorite Picks

  • The Prodigal Cat: By one of my own favorite authors, Janette Oke my daughter has read this book about 3 times so far. Obviously she loves cats.
  • Life with Lily (The Adventures of Lily Lapp): This is the first in the Lily series.  I admit to starting my daughter on Amish fiction early. She enjoyed this and I keep promising to get the rest in the series. Bad mom!
  • Mandie Books: So when my daughter isn’t looking I read her copies of the Mandie Books. These cute stories about character Mandie are set back at about the turn of the 20th century. There’s even a website!
  • Anne of Green Gables: Right around the beginning of this school year she started to take an interest in this classic.
  • Diary of a Real Payne: Cute book about a school age girl that gets into a few pickles and scrapes. Christian emphasis.

More Lists:

Elementary Reading Lists

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