A Peek Into Our Simple Homeschool Day

peek-homeschool-dayI thought it would be nice to take a series of pictures and give you a peek from a quiet day in our homeschool. It was really an uneventful day where we got a lot of work done and no interruptions happened.

On this particular day the Sweet Peanut had been using her Zone Cleaning pad from and going through the house touching things up.

If you’re unfamiliar with what I’m talking about this is a little kit by the Times Tales people to help kids clean not only their own bedrooms but the whole house. I actually purchased it over a year ago but for some reason my daughter has decided to wait and has really taken to it this week. It’s been a real blessing and she’s been doing a wonderful job all over the house. Even her bathroom!!!

I know this too shall pass so I’m enjoying it while it happens. It helped that it rained this day so she was indoors taking it easy and decided to help momma out.

We start with me opening my eyes…


On this quiet homeschool day, after all work was done, we broke camp to tend to other matters and play.

Later in the evening father (we sometimes call him that much to his chagrin) came home from work and we ate a sumptous dinner of leftovers followed by ice cream (all completely off the Trim Healthy Mama plan).

The evening ended with music and laughter while momma sat down to do a bit of computer work before heading to bed herself.

It was a quiet, incident free day in our Homeschool.

~The End

A Day in Our Homeschool

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