Back to School Blog Hop Day 1 : Our Homeschool Curriculum

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop!

Every year the Homeschool Review Crew gets together to share our tips and what we are doing in several areas of our own homeschool.  This will give you a ton of information and hopefully resources to look through.

This year the theme is Back to School because, yes, we are also going back to school it’s just at home. Back to Homeschool.

We kick off the series with …

Day 1 : Our Curriculum

We start Homeschooling in just a few short weeks here.

We got ready early and purchased our homeschool curriculum a few months ago but maybe you don’t know about our choice. I mention it here and there on this blog but not that much. Mostly I talk about our supplemental materials.

I’ve had a few IRL (In Real Life) encounters lately with moms ready to homeschool their children and wanting to know more about the curriculum we use and why we chose it. So I’ll also tell you what I tell them.

We use BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum. For it’s Biblical worldview, for the great way they present the lessons, and for the complete curriculum nicely organized in a neat little package just for me, the homeschool mom who was afraid she would miss something.

I ordered their sample DVD 7 years ago and watched what would become our curriculum. It looked fun and engaging. My daughter loved the sampler and would watch all the grades over and over. So we ordered it and have been using it ever since.

This year my daughter will be in 7th Grade.

Woo hoo! Smack dab in the middle of Middle School.

Last year, in 6th Grade, it was a bit of a shock for her.

BJU Homeschool is great about entertaining videos for the younger grades. Puppets, and sets designed to engage the young learner. From preschool to 5th grade it was all that.

But then 6th grade came and it was down to business. The puppets disappeared and so did the primary colors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a top notch production but it’s now designed for the more mature mind. Her teachers are very good though and kept her interested until the end.

For 7th Grade this year, this is the first time we didn’t just buy a whole package. We sort of pieced it together. It’s still the same thing but we got a great deal doing it this way.

Here’s what we have lined up for Our 7th Grade Curriculum

  • Life Science
  • World Studies
  • Fundamentals of Math
  • English 7  (which includes Explorations in Literature and Writing and Grammar)
  • Bible Truths 7
  • and we picked up Bible Truths 8 at no extra cost (whoo hoo!)

Finally we’ll be supplementing with No-Nonsense Algebra and Homeschool in the Woods Early 19th Century 

I’m sure some other items will sneak in there before the school year is up but this is it for now.

Be sure and click the button below to visit some more Homeschool Review Crew members and find out what they are using for their homeschool curriculum this year.

Come back tomorrow and find out about what school supplies we are picking up this year.

Back to Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017

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