Back to School Blog Hop Day 2 : What Supplies Will We Need for Homehool?

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Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop!

Every year the Homeschool Review Crew gets together to share our tips and what we are doing in several areas of our own homeschool. ย This will give you a ton of information and hopefully resources to look through. This year the theme is Back to School because, yes, we are also going back to school it’s just at home. Back to Homeschool. It’s Day 2 of the Hop and today is about Homeschool Supplies. What supplies do we need for 7th grade? I liked the Old days when my daughter was in Kindergarten and they told me EXACTLY what to get for her homeschool year. Down to the number of pencils. Sigh! This year, in addition to the

  • #2 pencils: For everyday work. Mostly we use Ticonderoga brand but occasionally my daughter will prefer a mechanical like her mother.
  • Gel pens: I prefer Frixion and also keep a red one for grading papers.
  • Color Pencils:ย I still prefer Crayola . We never know when we’ll need to color.
  • Glue sticks: Craft projects still happen in 7th grade. Especially if we’re using a Unit Study from Homeschool in the woods.(you never know when you’re going to need a good glue stick)
  • Nice sharp scissors: ย (I actually picked up a set at Ikea)
  • Ruler
  • Calculator
  • Printer Paper: I’m not too picky about the brand for regular copy paper. I just like a good deal and a case.
  • Subject Notebooks: I have a fondness for subject notebooks. They got me through college. I started purchasing them for my daughter a few years ago. She likes them too. I really like this one from iScholar with the tabs for easy finding of your subjects.

Some Supplies I also have to think about …

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  1. if you watch the prices for microscopes on Amazon, you’ll eventually find an excellent deal. HINT…mind the reviews well, they’ll tell you alot about the quality as there are a fair number of cheaply made costly ones out there. ๐Ÿ™‚ Took me 8 months to find a good one that was also affordable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Your list looks a lot like mine ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a sixth grader and eight grader plus 2 high school students. We bought a good qualit y, used microscope several years ago and it’s at the ready once again this year.
    Here’s to a terrific new school year!

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