Back to School Blog Hop Day 5 : Dear Homeschool Mom…

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Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop Day 5!

Every year the Homeschool Review Crew gets together to share our tips and what we are doing in several areas of our own homeschool.  This will give you a ton of information and hopefully resources to look through.

This year the theme is Back to School because, yes, we are also going back to school it’s just at home. Back to Homeschool.

Day 1 : Our Curriculum

Day 2 : Our Homeschool Supplies

Day 3: Our Plans and Records

Day 4: Homeschooling on the Go (okay so I missed this one but I can always come back)

Day 5: Dear Homeschool Mom


Day 5 : Dear Homeschool Mom

Dear Homeschool Mom,

Dear homeschool mom I will answer those questions you ask me as we pass each other in the halls following Sunday Service. I will tell you my story as we watch our children play on a sunny late evening in our neighborhood. Your desire to homeschool comes through and your fear of the unknown is felt.  

I have some encouraging news for you. I feel it’s my job to take your hand and let you know this is okay. In fact it’s wonderful. It’s not perfect and you may want to give up many days but hang in there. The rewards are great.

Homeschooling is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love. You will feel inadequate. You will feel unqualified to teach your child. But you don’t need to be a genius to school your child. The geniuses have created the curriculum and all you have to do is facilitate it!

Your children will try your patience at times. They are wired to do that. But you know them best and when they try to get to you know that sometimes their acting out is a cry for help. Their indifference is a sign they are scared. Know that teaching them to read and write is only part of it. Make character training a part of your homeschool.  Show them there is a better way. Don’t give up on them. This too shall pass. There are so many good resources to help you and your child in the area of character training and I even have a review on the blog about a great  Character Training homeschool curriculum.

Dear homeschool mom know that your homeschool is unique. It doesn’t have to look like anyone elses. Forget Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Where you homeschool is unique to you and your family. Just take a look at some of these unique places, Homeschool Rooms to Inspire You.

Dear Homeschool Mom yes there are other ways to homeschool besides boxed curriculum. That’s the beauty of what you are doing. You can customize it to your child’s needs. Where do you start? I recommend getting your hands on an Old Schoolhouse Magazine issue and just reading through and getting great perspective on all homeschooling has to offer. 

And finally dear Homeschool Mom seek and find resources to renew and refresh you. Some great ones we reviewed this year have been How to Homeschool with Stunning Confidence, Contagious Joy, and Amazing Focus and Homeschool Rescue

~God Bless you, 



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