Back to School Blog Hop Day 3 : Lesson Planning and Keeping Records

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Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop!

Every year the Homeschool Review Crew gets together to share our tips and what we are doing in several areas of our own homeschool.  This will give you a ton of information and hopefully resources to look through.

This year the theme is Back to School because, yes, we are also going back to school it’s just at home. Back to Homeschool.

Day 1 : Our Curriculum

Day 2 : Our Homeschool Supplies

Day 3: Our Plans and Records

Day 4: Homeschooling on the Go

Day 5: Dear Homeschool Mom

Day 3 : Our Plans and Records


Our Homeschool Planning

I’m lazy when it comes to homeschool planning.

Very lazy.

Our curriculum provider BJU Press does it all for me and I love them for it.

When you buy a full grade kit from BJU Press you get a Lesson Plan that has each day worked out for you. The class, what will be studied, the books and work texts you’ll need, and any extra materials.

I love it! 

We are supposed to have 180 days of school. That is how BJU Press breaks their lessons down also. They space everything (mostly) out to meet the 180 days.  Some days are study days, or project days, or reading days but it’s all spaced out to cover the 180 days.

This year I would like to have a better idea of where we are at any given moment or day. So my plan is to journal about each school day. This will also help me to keep track of memorable days.

New this year Homeschool Planet offers Lesson Plans for several homeschool curriculum kits. BJU Press is one of those. I haven’t taken the dive yet but it is intriguing to know I can have this all in one spot.

How do you do your Homeschool Planning?

Homeschool Records

As far as Records BJU Press Homeschool has done it again by providing me with an Excel spreadsheet that keeps track of grades.

This spreadsheet calculates the grades and everything. I can also edit it so that it only counts the grades I want it to count. Like omitting the homework or the special projects and using only test and quiz grades (haven’t done this but it’s there in case I want to).

The spreadsheet is a new development in the last couple of years. I used to record all my daughter’s grades by hand and then calculate which was awful! It was awful but I’m glad I got the experience to do it so I know how in case I want to or need to go back to that again.

I save these to my hard drive and then work up a report card for the end of the year. You can find plenty of report card forms like these online.

Check out other Planning and Scheduling ideas from the Homeschool Review Crew featured in the linky below.


Back to Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017

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