Back to School Blog Hop Day 4 : Homeschooling Outside the Home (aka field trips)

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop!

Every year the Homeschool Review Crew gets together to share our tips and what we are doing in several areas of our own homeschool.  This will give you a ton of information and hopefully resources to look through.

This year the theme is Back to School because, yes, we are also going back to school it’s just at home. Back to Homeschool.

Day 1 : Our Curriculum

Day 2 : Our Homeschool Supplies

Day 3: Our Plans and Records

Day 4: Homeschooling Outside the Home (aka field trips)

Day 5: Dear Homeschool Mom

Day 4 : Homeschooling Outside the Home


There are so many opportunities for learning outside the home that you would never be home if you took advantage of them all.

Field trips can be anything. They don’t always have to take place in a museum or an aquarium.  Although those are nice too.

Your field trips can take place anywhere from another state (or country) to your own backyard.

We try to take a couple of field trips each school year. Our weekly homeschool schedule gives us Wednesdays off to share as a family and this is usually the day we designate for field trips unless the activity is available only on the weekend.

One of our field trips last year was a day trip to Seattle by train.  On that trip we ended up learning a lot about trains and train conductors and then once in Seattle it was learning the history of the Space Needle and ending with,my favorite, a trip to Uwajamiya Asian Grocery store. We’ll have to learn all about the ferries next time.

One thing that helps us plan out field trips is Washington Here We Come, a book we reviewed  last school year. While I grew up around many of the landmarks and scenic areas depicted in the book much of it was new to my daughter who has actually seen more of Oregon since we live right on the border.

My husband is really good at making every outing an adventure. Even the grocery store where giving our daughter the run of the fruit budget has turned into an exploration of tastes and what does and doesn’t work when trying to buy fruit for the family.


Even if you can only manage one schedule a field trip for your homeschool this year.


Back to Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017

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