Bible Study Guide for All Ages Primary Ed. a Schoolhouse Review

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 photo logo_zpsd228aed3.png We just finished up a reviewing the Bible Study Guide For All Ages Primary Package by Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

Bible Study Guide for all ages in a  Bible Curriculum that covers the Bible in 416 lessons.

There are four levels in the Bible Study Guide: Beginner (Ages 3 -Kindergarten), Primary – (1st – 2nd Grade), and Advanced (5th -6th Grade)

Because the Sweet Peanut was leaving the 2nd Grade and going into 3rd we reviewed the Primary Student Package.

The Bible Study Guide For All Ages Primary Package comes with the following supplies.

Primary Student Pages – 25 Lessons for $5.95 each

 photo primary-student-pages_zps82bb3a12.jpg


Primary Teacher’s Guide –  $9.95

 photo primary-teacher-guide_zps3f764220.jpg


Color Bible Book Summary Cards which come in 2 sizes – $24.95

 photo bible-book-summary-cards_zps28dfa8ff.jpg


Children’s Song CD –  $19.95

 photo childrens-songs-cd_zps6d5f5503.jpg


And the unlabeled map and timeline (we did not receive this) –  $24.95

 photo beginner-time-line_zpsaf2ab713.jpg
Or you can purchase the Bible Study Guide Starter Pack which costs  $99.82 for the basic package { which I’m guessing does not include the map} or the premium edition which costs $145.68  {and I’m guessing again includes the map.}

There are four Units and 416 lessons in the Bible Study Guide For All Ages Primary Edition. The Bible Study Guide for All Ages is a little different and does not move in Biblical order. It starts with the lives of Joseph, Daniel, and Jesus to give students an overall view of the Bible and then moves back and forth from Old Testament to New Testament filling in the gaps. You can view the order of the story here.

The Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a complete study of the Bible in 4 years.


About the Products

Primary Student Pages – These pages are about legal sized and is the worksheet your student will use this sheet the whole lesson.

Primary Teacher Guide – This is how you will run the whole lesson. This is your road map to the Bible Study Guide.

Color Bible Book Summary Cards – These very colorful 8 1/2 x 11 cards are a quick summary on the whole Bible. The full set of cards covers important topics in all 66 Bible Books. You can download a sample here.

Children’s Song CD – The Children’s Song CD is a 2 CD set of 90 acapella songs teaching Bible facts and designed to go with the Bible Study Guide. You can listen to sample here.

Unlabeled Timeline and Map – The Timeline and Map will help you student visualize the pace at which things were happening in Bible Times. You can purchase removable labels and stickers for it too.
Using the Bible Study Guide

To start using the Bible Study Guide you (the teacher) reads through the first couple of pages in the Teacher’s Guide which is the Quick Teacher Instructions. This will give you an overview of the basic items you will need for the lessons and also how to teach a lesson. About using the maps, about reviewing the lessons, memory work what “Get Active” means, how to use the maps and who to apply the lessons to everyday life.

Each lesson in the Teacher’s Guide is about 4 pages long and takes about 20 minutes to 30 minutes to go through.

The Teacher’s Guide is very detailed and walks you through each lesson step by step. The Teacher’s Guide and your Primary Student Pages are labeled A-B-C etc. so that they can follow along with the steps. There are about 2 songs per lesson and the Teacher’s Guide tells you which songs to play when.

A) Is a review of previous lessons and includes work on the Primary Student Pages

B) This is Memory work and may include a song from the CD and is followed by another song from the CD.

C) Is Things to Know and will teach concept to your child. Such as God’s promise to Abraham, what a famine is, about Nebuchadnezzer’s dream and so forth.

Now we “Get Active”. This is the part before the Bible story and might include a small skit to do with the children.

D) This is Bible Text part. You and the children will read through a Bible story in the Bible (or using the text) and do various activities outlines in the Student’s Pages. Afterward there are review question to see how well we were all listening.

E) Is the timeline. On the student pages is a timeline of when the Biblical stories happened. Your student will fill in the timeline and do an activity on the page here. If you have the Wall Map and Timeline there is an activity to do on these here also.

F) You apply it. Here you apply the Bible lesson to today’s life. Your student will learn about such subjects as blessings, feelings, and wisdom.


Our Thoughts

There is so much to this package I hope I can do it justice.

First of all my daughter, who is 8 years old, LOVES the Color Bible Book Summary Cards. Even now when I went to go get them so I could finalize my review she came and took them from me saying she needed to review. Now she is no stranger to the Bible. Her mother {me} is a Sunday School teacher and church pianist. But yet and still she is really enjoying this Bible program.  We spend 15 to 20 minutes in the morning on it.

Next the Song CD. I mostly enjoy the acapella singing. Although I was a little surprised when one of the songs was sung to the tune of Rudolph the Rednosed Raindeer. We haven’t heard all of the songs yet but they’re fairly short and to the point (such as the one “Twelve Sons of Jacob”).

The Student Pages are mostly images and very simple for primary age children to work through. I would say it’s mostly preschool age work. Color something a specific color. Circle this. Fill in the rest of the letters to make such and such a word. My daughter wasn’t threatened. She LOVED it!

The Teacher’s Guide kept me on track and made teaching the Study very easy.

We use the King James Version of the Bible with the Bible Study Guide.

Because each package covers various ages it could be easy to teach a range of ages with this program. You can read here for recommendations on using the Bible Study Guide for All Ages for…all ages.



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