BIG List of Activities to Do for Kids and Families to do From Home

Are there times when you find yourself at home and need things to do not only for yourself but for your children? We can’t and should not always be on the go so I’ve put together this big list of activities for kids and families to do at home.

For Young Kids

Things for kinds to do from home

Our small children have needs all their own. When it comes to activities it’s pretty easy to keep them busy on the playground, in the backyard, and out and about.

But what about if you need to get things done at home? What if it’s raining outside? How do you keep your children busy and from climbing the walls? Well I’ve had those times so here are a few things just for them.

  • Print out this Spring Printable Dress-Up Set (Girl and Boy Dolls and clothes) from Multitaskin Mom and cut out for your little ones to have fun designing Spring scenes. This would also make good scissor practice for your preschoolers so print out several copies. Use good safety scissors of course.
  • Maybe you’ve heard me talk about Suzi who creates some pretty cool blogging courses. Well she also has a Mom blog of her own and on it she features this No School Daily Schedule . You’ll get a taste of her talent with this printable organized by time, type, and tips.
  • Do you take your children on walks? You might like this Birdwatching I Spy Fun Pack at In All You Do >>> Birdwatching Pack
  • Sign up for this list of a 5 day organized Preschool Plan for kids ages 3 to 5. >>> Preschool Activities
  • When my daughter was little she LOVED bugs. Here’s a free printable to turn that bug love into a cute lesson >> Bug Hunt
  • Majesty Music has a Quarantine Special. Patch the Pirate Vol. 20 Issue 1 available for free download here PatchClub Vol 1 Iss 1

For Homeschooling

  • Here’s a free list of Virtual Museums to visit. My mother made this a few years ago. It may be in need of an update but get it for now. It will give you great ideas. >> Great Virtual Museums to Visit
  • How would you like a free, completely digital, three-week program of English language arts instruction visit from IEW?
  • This post has a list of 100 ideas for fun P.E. (physical education) play for young kids >>> P.E. Play
  • This is a service we use as a supplement BUT it can also be a full curriculum. Lots of gems in there. You can get a Trial Month of for only $5 – Use code: TRIAL 
  • The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a Homeschool Freebie Directory 

Get a taste of Techie Homeschool Mom‘s Unit Studies with a freebie of Marie Curie for Science, the US Presidents for Social Studies, or Van Gogh for art.

For Moms

For the Whole Family

Start a Home Business

Big List of Things to do From Home

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