Using the Products in the Build a Bundle Sale (now over) With a Boxed Curriculum? My Thoughts

Since I am a contributor (see our Homemaker’s Weekly Planner) in the Build Your Bundle sale I kind of didn’t really pay attention to all the other stuff included.

Not so cool.

Not that I don’t use other products besides our Boxed Curriculum in our homeschool but I tend to pick them up as needed.

I love our curriculum but sometimes we want to delve further into a subject such as the US Presidential Elections, or World War II, or the life of Benjamin Franklin and then that’s when I seek out supplemental products for that purpose.

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks in various projects so I just didn’t give any time to check out all my co-contributers offerings in this week’s sale.

And then by chance I opened a file that listed all the products in the Build Your Bundle sale.

And then I got a glimpse of all the bonuses.

And I was like “wait a minute!”

Since I’ve taken a look at our next year’s boxed curriculum before it comes I have an idea some of the subjects we’ll we working on. And then I have an idea of what has become more interesting to my daughter as time passes.

Here are a few of the products offered that caught my eye…

  1. Elementary Geography & Cultures Curriculum
  2. Elementary World History – You Report! Curriculum Pack
  3. Cultural Issues: Creation/Evolution and the Bible
  4. Creation Astronomy: A Study Guide to the Constellations
  5. Character Trails
  6. 11 Famous Colonial Women of Early America – Biography Unit
  7. Get to Know the US Military Collection
  8. Learning about Character Traits
  9. The Elements
  10. Native America

The Sale is now over but comes back each year (we hope).




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