Captain Bayley’s Heir an Audio Adventure {a Homeschool Review}

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Another audio adventure by Heirloom Audio: Captain Bayley's Heir

In this super digital age it’s wonderful to have your child use their imagination with audio adventures.

Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio Productions has done it again with another G.A. Henty novel brought to life in and audio adventure. This time it’s their new production Captain Bayley’s Heir!

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew were sent copies of Captain Bayley’s Heir to listen to and review.

About Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio Productions has made a name for themselves by providing gripping audio adventures based on the novels by G.A. Henty. Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t but after you listened to a gripping tale you will remember the name and look for more.

G.A. Henty was a Victorian Era British author who was also a war correspondent. So he saw a lot. Many of the adventures in his tales he witnessed himself. The virtues of courage, honesty, and modesty in his novels appeal to parents looking for such moral stories for their young children.

So I think you’ll be pleased with Captain Bayley’s Heir.

What You Get with the Captain Bayley Package

We were sent the CD package of Captain Bayley’s Heir. It came with 2 CDs in a plastic CD organizer with a colorful insert.

You can purchase this CD package, which also includes MP3 download, for $29.97 or just the MP3 download for $19.97.

With both purchases, you get the instant access to the MP3 and a study guide.

We did not use the study guide (yet) but I’ll tell you about it.

The Captain Bayley Study Guide is a pdf download with 38 pages. Each section of the Study Guide covers a track of the audio drama. There is a section to see how well your student listened to the story (not a problem), a Thinking Further section to cover historical details one may not know about, and Defining Words a great vocabulary builder.

There are more resources for exploring Victorian England (smile), and a 3 part Bible Study on Honoring Your Parents, Becoming a Christian, and God’s Grace. All themes covered in this audio adventure.


Captain Bayley's Heir

About Captain Bayley’s Heir

Now I’m sure you want to know what this story is all about right?

Captain Bayley’s Heir is the story of the missing child of one Captain Bayley (say that with a British Accent). Captain Bayley is a wealthy older man in Victorian England. He lives with his nephew and a young lady he took in when her parents passed away. They are all close but not closely related (important).The story begins in merry old England where we meet Frank. After being framed for theft Frank flees to America where he discovers

The story begins in merry old England during the Victorian era where we first meet Harry and Frank. Harry is crippled and the two become friends after Frank saves Harry’s dog.

Now if you know anything about Victorian England you know that there was a great division of classes. Harry is the child of common workers while Frank is the nephew of Captain Bayley in the privileged class. Normally these two don’t mix but Frank is a personable fellow who takes to Harry and considers him a friend. Wanting to help his friend’s family he offers for Harry’s mother to come and work for his uncle (this is a generous thing in those days).

A few other events happen and after being framed for theft Frank feels forced to flee to America where he discovers lots of adventure and God’s grace through many people and situations.

But where does Captain Bayley’s Heir come into all this you say? Well many years ago Captain Bayley’s disproved of his daughter’s choice of a spouse. They were estranged for many years until finally Captain Bayley repented of his harsh treatment and welcomed them (through a letter) to come home. While his daughter responded in kind they disappeared and were never heard from again. This has always worn on his heart and been a family mystery.

You’ll have to listen to the full adventure of Captain Bayley’s Heir to find out how the mystery is resolved and what all these seemingly unrelated people have to do with each other.

Note: For those of you how have listened to an Heirloom Audio Adventure before you may be wondering where are Ned and Gerald? Two characters who always seem to star in these Heirloom Audios. Well in the beginning of the audio Mr. George (G.A. Henty) is actually writing to Ned and Gerald about the research he is doing for his next book. He wants to experience what the Pioneers (American) experienced so around a camp fire he tells his latest tale…Captain Bayley’s Heir.

Wow we loved this Audio Adventure!

In our family, while I have enjoyed the previous audio adventures my daughter has found them to be a little too adventurous. That is until now. It’s been 4 years since we reviewed our first G.A. Henty audio adventure and that time has allowed her to mature a bit and enjoy them for entertainment rather than be so traumatized by some situations. (She did enjoy the Cat of the Bubastes though). In fact after listening to Captain Bayley’s Heir she went and grabbed the rest of them to relisten and appreciate them for the art they are.

Another fun fact for our family is that usually my husband bows out of listening to these with us. We cornered him in his office and helped him do some tidying up while we played Captain Bayley’s Heir. He was thoroughly engrossed and telling us to shush! What do you think? Yeah he enjoyed it. And particularly loved the references to God’s Grace.

Well take my word for it and Live the Adventure. You can connect with Heirloom Audio on these Social Media Channels.

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