It's that time of year! The 2021 Digital Homeschool Grab Bag Sale is here and it's time to save on a bundle of Homeschool Resources for the coming homeschool year!

What is the Homeschool Grab Bag?

The Digital Homeschool Grab Bag Sale was created by Brooke Poston who wanted to come up with an easier way for homeschool families could get access to tons of homeschool resources from companies both big and small, without breaking the bank. And without having to wade through tons of offerings with a spreadsheet figuring out which items they needed and could afford.

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Benefits of the Homeschool Grab Bag

A couple of things that make the Digital Homeschool Grab Bag ideal are…

  1. One price makes it easy to stick to your homeschool budget, You don't have to figure out which items you can afford and how to save the most. The Grab Bag is one price and you access what you want and what you need on your own schedule (3 months from purchase date).
  2. No more second guessing if you should've purchased that other item instead. You get access to them all for one price

A Great Discount on great homeschool resources.

When you purchase the DIgital HOmeschool Grab bag you'll save on full priced homeschool resources. You get them at a big discount.

Fill curriculum gaps

Worried about Curriculum gaps with your children? While in my opinion there is no such thing as a curriculum that will cover absolutely everything, rest at ease mama and fill in those topics you feel you missed with The Digital Homeschool Grab Bag.

Accommodates a variety of learning styles and needs

What about learning styles? Everyone has one. My daughter is visual and audial. What about your child? Find a myriad of homeschool resources for different learning styles in the Grab Bag.

FInd Out What’s in this year’s Grab Bag

There are 60 products in this year's Digital Homeschool Grab Bag. Visit the site to find out what goodies you're going to get >>> Visit Digital Homeschool Grab Bag

Are Your Ready to Get Your Homeschool Grab Bag?

When you purchased your Digital Homeschool Grab Bag you'll get a beautifully created PDF with links to top notch resources and the information you need to access them.

All of the resources in the Digital Homeschool Grab Bag are digital. You'll get things like ebooks, audiobooks, ecourses, printables, digital workbooks and more.

You have three months from your purchase time to access all of your resources. Just in time for back to Homeschool.

The Digital Homeschool Grab Bag happens once a year at the perfect time to build your homeschool library.

This week the Digital Homeschool Grab Bag happens July 8th through July 16th. So don't delay it's easy to get your Grab Bag and then you'll have time to go through and get the resources you want and need.

Pick up your Digital Homeschool Grab Bag Here.

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