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School, whether home or away, is just around the corner.

When I was little girl my mother didn’t leave all my learnin’ up to the school teachers. Actually she was a school teacher herself so she had plenty of worksheets and activities for my sister and I to partake of to strengthen areas where we may have been week and just to keep things rolling through the summer months.

These days even though I use a boxed curriculum with our daughter I still utilize other great resources for a nice change of pace here and there and to supplement areas where I feel she may need a little help or even where I might need a little help.  A little something I learned from my mom.

This list is my little round up of places on the web I drop by now and again for extra printables, to get some encouragement in this homeschool journey and just to help out with the day to day of being a homeschooler.


Favorite Places for Bulletin Board Printables:

I’ve discovered how great bulletin board items are to keep things we’re working on in the forefront.

  • Teacher’s Pay Teachers has some great resources but for me particularly bulletin board printables to emphasize areas we are learning.
  • Currclick is another great place to find printables for your bulletin board and even your home.


Favorite Places for Homeschool Encouragement:

  • Hip Homeschool Moms is a hub for all things homeschool and homemaking. It’s put together by a team of bloggers and also some guest posts. See I even have a post there 🙂
  • Homeschool Encouragement is owned by fellow Schoolhouse Reviewer Amy.  She offers not only lots of homeschool freebies and giveaways but also encouragement for this homeschool journey we’re on.
  • Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network: This free membership site offers audio shows of particular interest to homeschoolers. Go check it out.

Favorite Homeschool Mom Bloggers

  • Confessions of a Homeschooler. Pretty, pretty, pretty. She’s got a little something for everyone. Pretty homeschool planners (and one with dad in mind too), lessons for preschoolers, and more.
  • Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is by another fellow Schoolhouse Reviewer. Susan’s hub compiles all the great homeschool resources she’s curated from across the web.
  • Over at Ben and Me Marcy also offers, unofficially, encouragement for homeschool moms along with other great homeschool resources and tidbits about her own homeschool journey.


Favorite Places to Supplement Curriculum:

  • What would a list of homeschool resources be with a mention of your local library? Our library has a wealth of resources right on the home page just perfect for schooling at home. The Sweet Peanut particularly likes the
  • SchoolhouseTeachers is a one stop shopping place for everything for your homeschool and even a few things for mom and dad. One subscription price gives you access for the year.
  • Educents I had never heard of Educents until this year and boy I’ve been missing out. They offer all sorts of brand name and not so brand name homeschooling supplies and resources for amazing deals. I scored a free family workout system and have my eye on some pet supplies. Yeah they have all sorts of things. If you’re in the market for your homeschooling supplies check out Educents because right now they’re having a homeschool blowout sale.
  • Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is another great place to score amazing deals on brand name homeschool items. The deal is you’re buying as part of a co-op so percentages off are deep. I also particulalry like their homeschool id maker. It’s free.

Find out where other homeschoolers on the net visit to find great ideas and reinforcements by clicking on the big ol’ button below.

Favorite Homeschool Blogs

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