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It seems that one of the main things I do with our homeschool curriculum is seek out supplements to our Math curriculum to help my daughter master certain topics. Story problems and getting those math facts down are key this year.

To help with some of that we’ve been able to review a new to me online Math program for kids last month. GPALOVEMATH  by GPA LEARN

GPALOVEMATH is a web based program and entirely online.  The lessons are interactive and interesting and not too long that your child will loose interest.

GPALOVEMATH is for grades K through 5 and can be purchased for $12.99 a month or $149 for the year.



The interface for GPALOVEMATH has a lot of aspects so becoming familiar with it as well as instructing your child on how to get around in there is a good idea.

The parent portal is similar to the student’s so once you become familiar it will be easy to show your child.

As the parent you can also test drive the lessons before your student so you can see what they will be learning. Lessons are locked and unlocked depending upon what is completed.

In GPALOVEMATH your student earns points for lessons completed, and the better they do in the lessons the more points. The program also uses the principal of rewarding your child  for their hard work so mom and dad you get to assign what those rewards will be and how often they will be rewarded. There are a lot of great options for choosing rewards here and I chose to mix it up with money rewards and one on one time with her parents (that’s us). Two things I know that ring her chimes. I could have also given her video or computer time but she already gets enough of that so no need to add more to it.arents Academy GPA Learn Online Math Help Math Tutor Online Love Math Learn Math Online

There is also a social network in GPA Love Math called Engage but I would send my daughter notes and she wouldn’t respond. Maybe because social networking is not on her radar and I didn’t bother to show her how to use that part. I think in the homeschool setting for a young elementary child that part isn’t really necessary but were she older and we like ships passing in the night with busy days this could be a good thing. I believe you can connect with other users via the social network on Great Parents Academy but we did not explore that further.

Once you set your child up in the program they are introduced to the format of it and away they go at the problems. Depending upon which grade you are using there is a little cartoon instructor/guide to help along the way.

My daughter is in the 4th grade so I initially set her up with the 4th grade format but once I sat her down she felt that the character used and the wording was too close to wizardry and magic. She told me she didn’t feel comfortable with that so we opted to back track to the third grade for some review instead. The wizardry undertones were mild but if she felt uncomfortable I was definitely not going to push her.  The instructor/guide for 3rd grade is a robot which she really likes and feels comfortable with.


So we are using GPALOVEMATH program as a refresher review course. Especially with word problems and math facts which I think you can’t get too much of.

The lessons in this program are animated and formatted like a slide show. The format is…

  • Explain the math topic.
  • Show some examples
  • Your child gives it a try and has 3 Lifelines where they can have the solution explained to them again, but only 3 times.
  • Quiz Time


I would like the option to have the slideshows move forward on autopilot. I like being able to stop occasionally but some of the slides are things like “let’s begin” well it would be nice if it moved on after that without you having to press the forward arrow.
In the parent’s log in you can see what your child has attempted, how many awards they’ve gotten. You can also set goals of when you want them to complete things, send them notes, see what classes they’ve unlocked, and read more about upcoming classes.  You can also test drive the lessons without recording into your child’s records. I like that.

My daughter is really enjoying GPALOVEMATH (maybe becuase she’s working under her grade level). It’s giving her reinforcement in some math areas that she needed to work on. I would have liked the option to pick the instructor but then I didn’t expect her to react so strongly to the 4th grade option.

I could see us purchasing GPALOVEMATH a month at a time to get a better grasp on some concepts. It’s a fun way to learn.

In addition to their website you can connect with GPALOVEMATH online here….



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