Homeschool Field Trips: Take an Online Trip Back in Time

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travel-back-time-homeschoolOne thing that can be hard for a homeschooling parent to pull together are the field trips.

When you’re in public/private etc. school someone else takes care of all that organizing and such. But when YOU are teacher, administrator, principal,  et al you have to find the time, funds, and energy to pull it all together.

We tend to take our field trips during holidays and even during the summer just to make sure to fit it all in. And sometimes our ideas are more grandiose than our pocketbooks. I really think my daughter needs to experience Tuscanny as part of our Social Studies curriculum but I don’t think that’s going to be happening anytime soon.

The next best thing?

Take a Virtual Field trip!

Sometimes it’s easier to take a field trip online than getting there in person. And this week the Schoolhouse Review Crew members are sharing their own resources for getting in that field trip requirement the digital way.

Here’s my own lineup.

My daughter and I have a hankering for the past. Olden Days we call it. There are certain time periods we find more fascinating than others but don’t let our own tastes limit you. There is a wealth of virtual travel, back in time and current day, online just waiting for you to discover.


 Victorian Life

Edwardian Era

  • Tenement Museum: Interactive site about immigrants traveling to the US during WW1 (US not involved yet). Great for the elementary through middle school years.
  • How would you survive in the roaring 20’s? Play this game at McCord Museum and find out.

Pioneer Life

Other Virtual Museums etc.




Click the link below to visit more Virtual Field Trips.


Virtual Field Trips Round-Up

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