An Exciting Adventure Novel in ENgland {Homeschool Review}

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Help your student to fall in love with the London landscape and culture with the exciting adventure book Britfield & the Lost Crown.

Britfield & the Lost Crown Softbound Book Cover.

About Britfield & the Lost Crown

Britfield & the Lost Crown is an adventure novel written by C.R. Stewart an author, screenwriter, speaker, and more. Combining his love of England with his love for education he imagined a storyline that was a like an adventure. The result is Britfield & the Lost Crown.

The story takes place in around various locations in England which gives ample opportunity to learn about these various places…

  • Yorkshire
  • The Midlands
  • Oxford
  • Windsor
  • Richmond
  • London
  • and Cantebury

You can also find out more about these locations at where you ‘ll find a map, descriptions, of the areas, and a few stunning photographs.

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew were sent copies of Britfield & the Lost Crown to read and review.

Britfield & the Lost Crown weighs in at 386 pages and comes in a softbound, hardbound, digital ebook, and audio version. We received a softbound copy which is the first in a series of books that will be set in various countries.

Britfield & the Lost Crown has already won numerous awards since being released in April: Book Excellent Award, Chanticleer (5 out of 5), 2019 Purple Dragonfly 1st Place Book Awards, Kids Buzz (5 out of 5), Story Monsters (Excellence in Literature), Readers Favorite (5 out of 5), Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Fiction: and 2019 International Book Awards and countless glowing reviews from students (9.03 out of 10).

The Storyline

Britfield & the Lost Crown is set in London at the fictional Weatherly Orphanage in London England.

Tom and Sara are two 12 year olds who live at the orphanage and they want to escape since the caretakers are very mean to all the children. And not only that but Tom has discovered that his parents may actually be alive!

Tom and Sara finally escape the orphanage only to have Sara get caught. This leads to Sara’s imprisonment and a second attempt at escape which is successful.

Tom and Sara also end up discovering a hot air balloon. And so the adventure begins. They travel from location to location in this balloon to flee the authorities who want them to return them to the orphanage. They are also looking for clues to for Tom’s missing parents.

You’ll have to read the book to discover if Tom finds his parents and whether or not Tom Sarah have to go back to the orphanage.

How did We Like the Story?

My daughter was the one who read Britfield & the Lost Crown. The book is written with the middle schooler in mind. Although my daughter is headed to high school she still enjoyed it. I think any age that can read the book will enjoy this exciting story.

She devoured the book in one day and proclaimed it “really good”. I believe her too because when I saw her bedroom light on at midnight I went in to tell her it was time to go to sleep (summer hours and all) and she turned to me with excitement and said, “This is so juicy!”

A StudyGuide

Britfield Study Guide

There is also an 83 page Study Guide available as a free gift for teachers and homeschoolers. The Study Guide is designed to be taught in a classroom setting over the period of a few month.

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