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Brinkman Adventures

Long before my daughter was school age I fell in love with listen to a story instead of watching it. Back when television could be pulled up on the radio I used to imagine what some shows looked like as I listened to them. My imagination was never the same as the real thing. And many times that was good!  When my daughter became school age I felt we had to introduce our daughter to audio dramas as part of her education. I kind of thought that in this visual digital age I would have to make it an assignment but I was wrong! And when we ran out of our usual listening material I feel blessed to have been introduced to great series such as Season 6: Underground Rising by the Brinkman Adventures !

If this is your first time here at Homemaking Organized I will let you know that The Brinkman Adventures is a Christian Audio Adventure based around true missionary events. Brought to life in 2009 The Brinkman Adventures Audio Dramas are the result of Ian Bultman’s prayer led inspiration. Each season of this audio drama centers around the fictional Brinkman family and their interactions with various missionaries who come in contact with them in all sorts of situations.

You can read the real stories behind the each CD right on their website. There are pictures of these real heroes, background information, and sometimes links outside resources. Here are the real stories that inspired Season 6: Underground Rising

Recently my family and other members of the Homeschool Review Crew got a chance to enjoy  Season 6: Underground Rising of The Brinkman Family Adventures.

Season 6: Underground Rising is available as a download or a physical CD. We reviewed the download version. The full season is approximately 2 hours.

About Season 6 of the Brinkman Adventures

Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures

Underground Rising is probably my favorite season to date! I am particularly touched by stories of survivors and those who helped the Jews during this awful time in history and the first part of this season is a look back at a Dutch couple who worked in the resistance movement during that time.

The Brinkman’s Oma has her young granddaughters over for tea and shares what life was her as a young married woman during World War 2. God used this couple and answered many prayers as evidenced by Oma’s continued legacy.

I have to admit that what dawned on me with this series is that along with each missionary story there is a message to drive home. How can you serve God? What would you do in this situation. For Dutch Underground Part 1 and 2 the message is how far would you be willing to go to protect someone being persecuted?

This entire CD is good listening including the last two episodes which were about Dave Eubank’s life from his time as a child up to being a Green Beret. He made the declaration when he was a young child that he was going to be a missionary and a soldier. In these episodes it’s exciting to see how God used and guided Dave in various situations during his life.

Listening time happens in that space between school day end and dinnertime. Sometimes we’re too impatient to wait for daddy to come home but we like to listen again and again so that’s okay. Did I mention that my daughter wants to be a missionary? Have I said that enough times yet? I love being able to provide with encouraging resources like this.

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You can also read our reviews about the previous seasons we’ve enjoyed.

If I’ve peaked your interest I want to let you know that my readers can enjoy 10% off your purchase from the Brinkman Adventures website. Just use code: FALL10 when you check out. This offer is good until October 31st, 2018.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Reviews

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