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Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

We made the wise decision to give Heirloom Audio Productions  another try when the Homeschool Review Crew got the chance to review The Cat of Bubastes .

I guess that it’s a testimony to how good their audio productions are when my daughter had to take a break from listening because she was so moved. You see she got so caught up in the stories she would feel too deeply when certain things happened (like losing a parent or such). I would look over and she would be in tears so she thought that maybe she wasn’t ready to hear them yet.

Like I was saying Heirloom Audio Productions  let the Review Crew in on their latest G.A. Henty offering The Cat of Bubastes  a 2 hour audio adventure set in ancient Egypt.

G.A. Henty is a popular author among homeschoolers but I had never heard of him until joining the Homeschool Review Crew. He was a popular author during the Victorian era and wrote historical adventure stories for younger children. His stories encourage Christian character traits and focus on the main characters Christian walk.

The Plot: The Cat of Bubastes is a sacred animal in Ancient Egypt (that’s the first thing I would want to know). His accidental death at the hands of the son of a high priest puts the young man on the run with his new slaves Amuba and companion Jethro.  There’s a murderous plot and lots of chances to delve deeper into their newfound faith. The story takes an exciting run through Egypt, Egyptian customs, and Bible times.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes

We received the physical audio CDs of The Cat of Bubastes which came in a protective colorful foldout sleeve. There are three options when purchasing The Cat of Bubastes from an MP3 download to the full package including the bonuses we received (listed below).Of not

Our CD package also included an insert reminding of all the other audio adventures I passed on because my daughter wasn’t ready to Live the Adventure!

Included with our CDs were some pretty cool bonuses…

  • Cat of Bubastes 350 page Ebook with a DARLING cat on the front
  • mp3 download of the audio adventure
  • an mp3 sound track of The Cat of Bubastes
  • a Printable cast poster
  • a study and discussion guide
  • an inspirational verse poster
  • Live the Adventure newsletter

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes
Of note is the included Study Guide. It is a wealth of information and can easily be woven into your homeschool history program (I think).  The first part of the Study Guide is a set of questions and vocabulary words to help your young child process and think what they are listening to. It kind of reminds me of our courses through the years where we do much the same to help with retention and really thinking about the storyline. There are also historical tidbits included about Ancient Egypt and the time period of the story.

There is also a Bible Study guide, suggested books for further learning/research, and some historical background on The Cat of Bubastes.

How Did We Use Such an Audio Adventure

My daughter and I listened to The Cat of Bubastes together while just hanging out in our craft room doing various things. I thought I could multi-task while doing this but truly the audio was so riveting that you just have to put down whatever you’re doing and listen!

She ended up taking them off to her room for better focus (she’s easily distracted, even by me!) so I had to get the back for my turn. These are a great evening’s entertainment.

The talented cast of The Cat of Bubastes use their skilled voices to really bring this story to life and carry you away to far away Egypt. Some familiar sounds are John Rhys-Davis whose voice you will no doubt recognize along with Brian Blessed. But allthough these are voices I’ve heard before the other cast members where just as talented.

What I haven’t yet mentioned are the richly designed graphics. You can just hear the music when looking at the covers and backgrounds on the CDs. My photographs don’t do it justice so keep that in mind.


If your children…well actually if you and your children haven’t yet discovered audio adventures please dig in and give them a try. Especially these ones by Heirloom Audio.  It truly is a world of adventure (and would make a great gift).

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