Crosswired Science {Homeschool Review}

We got a chance to bet beta testers and review two new projects called Sound, and Fluid Dynamics from CrossWired Science

CrossWired Science is A Whole New Way to do Scienc! And the goal of CrossWired Science is to, among many other things, study the Glory of God through science.

Some of the unique things about the lessons in CrossWired Science use seemingly unrelated facts at first glance to cross paths hence the name CrossWired. The videos are designed to be engaging and interesting so that the information will “stick”.

As I mentioned we are just at the beginning with Crosswired Science. There are currently two Global Topics in CrossWired Science, with many more to come. The Global Topics/ Subjects we have access to are Fluid Dynamics and Sound. The ideas is that each Global Topic will take a month to complete.

Under each Global Topic there is something called First Timers and Second Timers. This is where you start based on if this is your first time with the program or if you are more advanced you move to Second Timers. We are new to CrossWired Science we used the First Timers.

It states that the curriculum can be used by as young as 4 years old and I can see why. Although we don’t have anyone that young in our nuclear family the videos are interesting and contain lots of fun facts and information.

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Crosswired Science goes by 5 Education Methods that drive their “why” for the program.

CrossWired Science has big ideas for making science fun, engaging, and part of life long learning. There are 5 methods that go into creating the Global Units.

  • Integration : The idea is to integrate different parts of science together to show the Glory of God.
  • Lesson Variety : The lessons incorporate videos, experiments, discussion, field trips and activities.
  • Cross Wiring : The goal of CrossWired Science is to weave Life, Earth, and Physical Science together to make a more exciting program.
  • NOT Stand Alone : In the spirit of Cross Wiring CrossWired Science doesn’t feel it’s beneficial to study by itself. Tie everything together.
  • Global Topics : There are 30 Global topics of CrossWired Science that encompass every discipline of science.

There are 12 LEsson Types in CROSSWIRED Science

  1. Videos
  2. Experiments
  3. Links off the beaten path
  4. Links to Deeper Global Topics
  5. Choosing lessons from others
  6. Field Trips
  7. Reinforcement
  8. Research
  9. Reading
  10. Gold Digs
  11. Digging Deeper
  12. Devotions

Calendars to KEep it All Together

Crosswired Calendar Schedule

And don’t worry. CrossWired Science has calendars to help you keep it all together. There are calendars for Standard use, Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary to High School and Blank calendars.

The calendars give you a suggested plan for what part of the lesson to do each day of the week. From videos, to reading, to field trips, experiments, and digging for gold.

Global Topics

Starting with Fluid Dynamics, which is the study of something in motion, we sat down to check out what makes CrossWired Science so great. Under that umbrella is a wealth of information on different kinds of flow, subtopics and how things work together. Under that Fluid Dynamics is about 8 weeks worth of videos, activities, reading, and experiments.

Crosswired Science Screenshot of video lesson.

The Global Topic Sound studies just that, sound. How it is made. The different things that use sound in special ways such as animals and infrasound. This topic also contains several videos, reinforcement, experiments, reading, digging deeper, and devotional.

CrossWired Experiment Pages example

About the Devotionals

At the end of each Global Unit there is a Teen Devotional and a Sci Devotional. The directions are simple. Read the material and answer some questions. There are also devotional like tidbits with the units that your student can also answer questions about.

How did I like CrossWired Science

I know several homeschool parents (like myself) that would really enjoy using a program like CrossWired Science in their homeschool. It’s marketed as a supplement to your regular science program and I can see how valuable that will be.

My daughter and I really enjoyed the videos. They move through the topics at a rapid rate but being short and having quizzes following made it easier to retain the information. I found the quizzes really checked to see if we were paying attention. I’m excited to see what other Global Topics are around the corner.

The Research Activities are nicely done. Your student is given a list of topics to research. Then a list of either websites or places that they can research them at. And then it’s time to write a research paper. Or your student can opt to write the paper online in the provided blanks. Even though I like my daughter to mostly write/type up formatted research papers she already does quite a bit with other subjects so having the option to write it online is nice.

And in case we were lost each lesson area has a little tab with Directions that includes tidbits for getting the most from this curriculum.

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Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}

 Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

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