CTC Online Math Program : a Schoolhouse Review

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We’ve been supplementing our math curriculum by reviewing  CTC Math and the 12 Month Family Plan.
CTC Math is an online video math lesson program that can work as a full curriculum for grades Kindergarten through 6th and as a supplement program for beyond.CTCMath Review

CTC Math is a traditional program so if the Common Core is not your plate no worries there.

Your membership with CTC Math allows you to use all the lessons in the different grade levels which is great if your child is struggling in a past concept (like many are including mine).

  • You also get weekly reports in your email inbox detailing when your child logged on and how they are doing.
  • There are worksheets for extra practice.
  • There’s a Times Table Game
  • And there are even Speed Drills to help your child become fast at figuring basic facts.

CTC Math is priced in monthly, 6 Month, or 12 Month increments. There is also a family plan. You can find out the full pricing structure here.

My daughter’s screen shot after a few lessons.


How We Used CTC Math


We already use a video math lesson program so watching a math lesson on screen is nothing new in our homeschool. What was new were some of the methods for solving problems.

In particular subtraction which tends to stump my daughter when it comes to Borrowing and Renaming (or Borrowing and Lending as we said in my day). Even after giving her the whole bank analogy it’s still kind of confusing for her.

In CTC Math, in the lower grades (since I didn’t go beyond there) there are two methods for doing the subtraction. The one we all know and love, Borrowing and Trading (also known as Borrowing and Renaming/Lending).  And Borrowing and Pay Back.

To get the background on this Borrow and Pay Back method I had my daughter go backwards to the Third grade lessons. We needed to know how this all worked. I watched it with her so I could understand myself.


Basically instead of Borrowing from the top numbers you seem to be borrowing for the top and putting that difference in the bottom number of the lending column. I know this doesn’t make complete sense in my typing but I don’t want to be giving out any proprietary secrets so the more confused you are better 😉

I also watched the regular Borrowing and Trading lesson and just to be a tiny bit critical I wish there had been more description on where we get the one we are carrying over to the number that needs help. This is the discussion my daughter and I have every time there is a subtraction problem. Where does that one come from. It was shown in CTC Math but not explained fully. I even went back to 2nd grade to see if there was more description on that one not being pulled out of thin air but there was not.

I don’t know for sure if this will make a difference in her regular math curriculum but I think the more information she is armed with the better. I just don’t want to confuse her though.

What I Liked About CTC Math

I like the simple short lessons of CTC Math that get the point across. Some lessons, as I mentioned before, could use a little more descriptive detail but for the most part they are good and clear.

I think it’s a great idea to be able to move among the grades. If your child is more advanced they can work in the next level or higher. If your child needs a little review they can back up and get a refresher.

I also like the Speed Drills. Those are always a nice touch.

Connect with CTC Math

Online: CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ctcmath

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