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Kids Email
My daughter is 13 and over the span of the past years we’ve asked more responsibility of her and granted more independence. There’s been the cell phone, her own computer, the new kitty, and now email. Reading this I’m thinking she’s spoiled but that’s not the point of this review. One of the things I had been looking into was a safe version of email for our daughter. And then we received the chance to review Kids Email Safe Email for Kids by Kids Email I wanted something where I could see who was sending her what without taking away her ability to open new messages. I also wanted to blog bad words and  set her up to have a positive email experience without ending up with some of the junk that has made it’s way to my husband’s and my email. Kids Email Safe Email for Kids is an online email service specifically set up to provide a safe environment for kids and teens. Kids Email Recently members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given subscriptions to test out Kids Email with their children.

Kids Email Details

There are three options for subscriptions on Kids Email : Parent, Teen, and Kid. I chose to set up my daughter’s email as kid. This is her first time in the world of email and I thought she should spend the year getting familiar and comfortable before being moved into the teen realm. Some of the features are…

  • mail monitoring
  • time restrictions
  • mail que
  • block senders
  • contact manager
  • spam filter
  • no ads
  • custom folders
  • different template options
  • remove links and images
  • offensive word filter
  • control attachments
  • activity log

Other things you child can do in Kids Email are… Have the program read your email to you. For budding readers this can be helpful. There’s also a drawing board within the program so that your kid can practice some creativity while waiting for the next message to come in. You can put Kids Email on your phone, tablet, and computer. So far we’ve only tested it on our desktop. At the time of this email Kids Email is priced at $38.95 a year for up to 6 email accounts. You can also pay monthly at $4.95 a month for up to 4 email accounts. And you can test drive Kids Email free for 30 days (you do not need a credit car for the trial period).

How My Daughter is Using

Once I set up my daughter’s email I went in and set up her safety settings. I get copies of all her emails and she can only receive emails from people on her contact list. If someone sends her an email and they’re not on her contact list they get a message that their email is in the que and I get an email to check out their email and approve or not.

Kid’s Email Safety Settings

After the safety settings we then went in and she picked a template for her email and we edited her contact list. You can also set up time restrictions and even ground your child from email if you need to. We didn’t use the teen set up but I did note that it includes a login page without the word “kid” attached. Kid's Email log So far my daughter has 3 people on her approved list. Her grandmother, a friend, and since she’s going through a class at church the instructor is approved so she can receive assignments and updates.

Kid’s Email Child Interface

My daughter LOVES having her own email and also the convenience of being able to check it on my phone (we use the web browser). I love all the safety features. As of now her emails filter through me. If someone is on the approved list the emails go right to her and I get a copy. If not then it’s sent to me for review and a message is sent the sender letting them know their email has to pass mama first (it’s not worded liked that). I love Kids Email Safe Email for kids. I don’t have any complaints.

An Email Opportunity for You!

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Safe Email for Kids {Kids Email Reviews}

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