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At 13 my daughter already knows what she wants to do when she grows up. But even so I like to let her know that her chosen career can take on many forms. She, my husband, I and many other Homeschool Review families recently took a survey on CashCrunch Careers by CashCrunch Games

Cash Crunch Games

What is CashCrunch Careers?

CashCrunch Careers is a database center where you can find the right career for your future. After taking an online survey you are presented with a career report which explains your strengths, qualities, and a list of careers you may be suited for.

Then you can dig deeper into each career on the site and find out information such as…

  • Projected Job Growth
  • Job tasks
  • Which attributes, skills, abilities, and values the job requires
  • Colleges that offer education in the particular field
  • A video about the job

While it's mentioned on the Career Report page it wasn't actually apparent that to drill down further into actual jobs within each field you had to click on the left hand menu. There you can find more detailed job descriptions which is really helpful.


Cash Crunch Careers

Using CashCrunch Careers in My Family

My little family of three decided we all wanted to take a crack at CashCrunch for different reasons.

For myself, it was a look into my past. I wasn't always a stay at home mom and I don't imagine I will always be a stay at home mom. I've tried to keep a few of my skills up to date for that time when my baby (sniff) leaves the nest. Knowing what I'm good at could only help.

For my husband, the job he does these days is very physical. Knowing what other options he has (although we already know some of them) is only smart. He already has a pretty good idea of where he would like to morph into but again knowing all his options is also a good idea.

For our daughter, who is 13, she has know for probably the past 5 years what she wants to do when she grows up. I know I've mentioned it enough on this blog. A missionary. She has been working with the pastor in charge of Outreach Missions in our church.  Just recently he had a good talk (I was listening too) with her about rounding out her education and her options for missionary work. She has shown a great love for languages and that has opened her eyes to some career choices but CashCrunch Careers may even give her more ideas.

We all took our survey and surveyed (haha) the results. At first we were like…”well these look the same as you (the other person) got!”  The closer we looked though we realized that, as a family, we have some of the same qualities. And we did not receive all the same job descriptions but several of them were the same.  We were all given management as possibilities. My husband and daughter both are not management desk type people but I am.


For me this was an inquisitive look but for my daughter it's been kind of eye opening. She's been logging in several times a week to look through her options. She did want to retake her survey but found that was not an option. Is that good or bad? Not sure. Retaking the survey can cause you to skew results so maybe a good thing you can't retake it. Still on the fence about that.

Have a high schooler or someone wanting to change jobs? I think this is a good place to start the process.

By the way on the CrashCrunch Games sites. you'll find

  • CashCrunch 101 an online game for high school and college students to learn about money management.
  • CashCrunch Junior a physical board game for middle school students to learn about managing money.
  • And CashCrunch Bite Size an online course in personal finance.

Connect with CashCrunch Careers on Social Media

Twitter: @cashcrunchgames
Instagram: @cashcrunchgames


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