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Do you sometimes struggle with remembering things you’ve been studying over and over again?  Or maybe you need some extra help working with your child’s speech therapy exercises at home. Well we’ve been improving our speech and memory abilities recently while reviewing Forbrain by Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd and may have found something to help you.Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

Forbrain is a bone conduction headset designed to help the wearer improve their pronunciation, short term memory, and attention by using using their own voice.

Forbrain enhances the wearer’s own voice, kind of like how a microphone sounds, to their own ears. And helps you to “listen well” to the sound of your own voice.

As you hear your own voice your auditory perception and processing is strengthened. You can improve pronunciation, speech, and short term memory which can help with skills such as reading and writing.


Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

Forbrain can be used from kids through adults. By yourself, parents with children, and even with a therapist.

For children ages 5 to 15 it is recommended to wear the Forbrain unit 15 minutes a day to see the results.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review
We received the Forbrain headset packaged rather nicely in a protective case along with…

  • a USB charging cord
  • 3 microphone covers
  • The User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

How We Use Forbrain


My daughter was really excited to receive the Forbrain Unit.

When the Sweet Peanut was just a young tot she had a few articulation issues which we took care of through therapy and exercises. As she grew and her adult teeth came in they caused an overbite that, until her full set of teeth come in and orthodontia is considered, causes her to occasionally pronounce “th” as “f”. It’s very mild and unless you’re watching her speak you don’t notice it. But she has dreams of perfection so she wanted to use Forbrain for this.

Forbrain – Sound For Life Ltd Review

I on the other hand was looking at Forbrain as a great way to help with our Spelling lessons, studying for tests, scripture memory, math facts, you name it!

Okay I admit we were kind of clueless in the beginning finding our footing with Forbrain. And I recommend you avoid our foibles and check out these two videos that explain how Forbrain works.


We started with the Sweet Peanut wearing the unit each morning before school. She would read out loud to herself for 15 minutes.

Well since she preferred hiding out in her closet while doing this I couldn’t really tell if anything was going on or if it was helping. Besides I was hoping to get some help with her memory work and reading her favorite book in private wasn’t it.

So I modified how we were using Forbrain.

We do a scripture study once a week in our church Bible Study. We have a set of scriptures to memorize as a group and the children are given their own scripture to study. How you do it is up to you.

For the Sweet Peanut and I we have our own pattern of first reading the passage the scripture is in and then I do my best to explain it a bit for her. After that the Sweet Peanut recites the scripture a few times and on the last time we call, “no peeking” and she recites it without reading to see how much she knows. Usually it takes about 3 days before she’s got most of it memorized. I hope you understood all of that.

When we switched to using the Forbrain unit with her scripture memory she started remembering her scripture in a day as opposed to a week. It was kind of shocking how fast she remembered it.

We also used Forbrain for the rest of her spelling lessons for the year (finished) and so that went quickly because she aced the tests.

After having her wear the Forbrain unit while doing a review lesson for her classes her test grades went up too. Her past 2 Math and 2 Science tests have had either a perfect score or only 1 missed. I’m impressed.

As far as using the Forbrain to work a little on her speech. Well now that she can hear how she sounds saying the “th” sound while wearing the unit she’s been working at correcting it. Part of it is an overbite but within a few days of correcting herself her “th” sound is much improved.

How We Like Forbrain

I really like Forbrain! Why does the good stuff come at the end of the school year?! I would have loved this years ago when we were working on the “y” sound in her speech but oh well.

I think part of the reason this unit works so well is that it invites focus. Your voice is in your ear and all those other sounds are cancelled out.

My daughter is, by nature, easily distracted. Very easily. I had at one time looked into items for easily distracted children but for some reason never followed up.

At $359 US dollars Forbrain is an investment for sure but since Forbrain can be used as a personal development tool (singing, public speaking), and also a therapeutic device (speech difficulties, memory improvement, reading difficulties) it is something that the whole family can benefit from.

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