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Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }

The Homeschool Review Crew just recently got acquainted with MarshMedia, a company that produces health education products to teach young children about health, safety, puberty, and more.

MarshMedia is usually used by school but they have just recently created a Homeschool Special just for homeschoolers where you can access their Health Education videos for grades K through 8.

For several weeks we were given a code that enabled us to review our selection of these health videos so we could give you feedback on how they might work for your homeschool.

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }
MarshMedia has 54 videos covering all aspects of health education that are created for young kids up to early teens. The videos list what ages or grades they are appropriate for and what particular issues they cover.

Some of the topics the videos cover are…

  • Hygiene
  • General Health
  • Puberty
  • HIV
  • Safety
  • Immune System
  • Lice
  • Nutrition

Normally the videos can be rented for $29.95  for 24 hours at a time but MarshMedia is reaching out to the Homeschool Community with a great special that offers much better flexibility.

For a flat fee of $50 you can have full access to these videos until 12/31/2017.

You can access that special here => Homeschool Special

The videos are fairly short (about 15 minutes) so they don’t take long to watch each one.

Having worked with the previous system of 24 hours to watch one video I highly applaud this great new set up for homeschoolers.

Setting Up to Watch Marsh Media Videos

As I mentioned our method to watch the videos was a little different than what you will have access to if you subscribe but the content is the same.

I’ll explain how I had to access them but just so you can know my methods.

To pick the videos for my daughter to look at I would go in and rent them first using a special code. I picked titles for her age group and mostly the puberty ones. Then I would preview them and if they looked like something I thought was a good fit for her then I would set them up on her Kindle (we’re down a computer).

That was a plus, that I was able to access them on the Kindle.

These are some of the titles I viewed (by the way she’s 12)….

  • A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up (her favorite)
  • Meet the New You
  • Growing Up for Girls
  • Just Around the Corner, for Girls
  • Let’s Just Talk!, for Girls
  • Puberty, A Girl’s Journey
  • Straight Talk About Puberty for Girls
  • A Baby is Born

Like I said I was mostly interested in the puberty videos for my daughter. She and I have already had our talks but she’s one of those inquisitive ones and there may have been are a few details I might have missed. She’s very interested in what is going on in her body. My mom is hoping she’ll become a nurse or doctor some day. I think she’s just looking for someone to take care of her. I digress. So I like to give my daughter several (well researched) resources for information.

Do note that there are several kinds of videos, not just puberty ones, in MarshMedia including stories that give life lessons such as gossiping, bullying, social skills for special needs, or peer pressure.


Some of the videos we watched were in the Special Needs category and I did NOT realize that at first. These videos were also good but they merged several of the videos together and gave a little more information than I was expecting.

Health Education Products for K-8 {MarshMedia }
Some of the titles for the videos were very similar so I had to make myself a list of which ones I had my eye on. Then I would rent them and watch them. If they were what I was looking for then I would put a checkmark on my list and set them up for my daughter to watch.

I think what would have helped would have been a better menu item section. Depending on where you go into the website you can get quite mixed up as to what videos are under what categories (at least I did).

Each of the videos has a section with a rating but all of the videos had the rating that they did not contain any sexual reference or nudity. I thought maybe they just hadn’t gotten around to updating the ratings because for videos such as How Babies are Made and AIDS Facts for Kids that’s what those topics are about so of course that rating is not going to apply.

The information is not presented in an obscene way mind you but still it’s there and based on the age of the child I would want to know details about what is in the video. The information was given in a very tasteful way but this is why I watched each video before handing them off to my daughter. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

My daughter was pretty much of an age to watch everything related to girls although there were a select few bits of information on what is happening to a boys body that I’d rather she not dwell on. But again I think that information was found in a Special Needs video that I happened upon.

While each video we watched was done in a tasteful age appropriate way my feelings are that every video is not for every age OR gender. We only watched the videos pertaining to a girl’s body. There were also one or two details about happenings in a boy’s body that I felt didn’t belong in the girl’s video.

So I really liked how the videos presented the information but had some confusion finding the right videos for my child’s age and needs.

To Wrap it Up: The content of the videos is well done and informative for children. You can see samples of each video on it’s respective page. The videos are not done from a Christian standpoing but I did not find anything objectionable. It was presented straight forward.

I did get lost in the website and picked some videos that may have been for an older Special Needs child so I would like to see better navigation. Other than that I think it’s a great format.

If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia health and safety videos to your home schooler(s) click on the link below for more information

Get Help With Teaching Your Kids the Facts of Life with MarshMedia a Homeschool Review

You can connect with Marsh Media on Social Media

Marsh Media Health and Safety Videos for kids

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