God’s Masterful Design of Our World {a Schoolhouse Review}

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God’s world is amazing and wonderful!

Some of the most fun a parent can have is introducing God’s world and exploring it’s wondrous creation all you can discover with their young child.

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation by Purposeful Design is a book designed to not only open a child’s eyes to how God perfectly planned our world but also remind us of a greater age that God is in the details.

We received a copy of this book recently to review.

It’s kind of sad how man is still pondering, discussing, and debating how this great world could come to be and if you just put God in the details it all comes together.

Reading to Daddy.
Reading to Dad

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is so nicely put together in 7 simple chapters that show our world is not so simple at all!

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is a beautiful book created for all ages and could even serve as part of your Science Curriculum while also gracing your coffee table with equal charm.

Written by Jay Schabacker the book’s goal is to point out, in a beautiful way, how God Purposefully Designed every part of our earth to work together. How everything is so wonderfully thought out, planned and arranged that there is no way this came from an accident, an explosion, or any other way.


Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation has even won several awards in three different categories…

  • Coffee Table Cook
  • Homeschool Education
  • Children’s Non-Fiction book

How are we enjoying Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation

Purposeful Design
Enjoying a Good Read

When the book came in the mail I unwrapped it not expecting much but immediately sat down just to enjoy the pictures. My daughter spotted me and snuggled up on the couch to enjoy also. I started out reading it to her but  The Sweet Peanut is enjoying reading it to us her parents. Not many books make it to our coffee table collection (we don’t actually have a coffee table but we do have the coffee table books) but this will be making it’s debut this Thanksgiving.


Purposeful Design Review
Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is a hard bound full color book with 91 pages. You can purchase it for $18.95 on the website.

Most every page features stunning photography. And the language is presented in such a way that it would capture the interest of a very young child while also making a good read for you.

There are also several scriptures peppered throughout the book. The author uses the NIV Bible for these.

Purposeful Design is broken down into  7 chapters which each focus on a Day of Creation.

  • In Day 1 your child will learn a few amazing statistics about the earth’s rotation, and a get a brief glimpse into the vast solar system.
  • Chapter 2 is all about God’s wonderful creation of Atmosphere and Water. There are graphics showing the rain cycle and what it takes to bring it about. Also beautiful images of water in it’s many forms and how God put so much thought into providing us with just enough water.
  • The Land and growing plants and trees make up Chapter 3. Did you know so far man has discovered 258,000 different varieties of plants and they’re still discovering new ones all the time!
  • Ah the Sun, Moon and Starts. Chapter 4 is my daughter’s favorite chapter. Our solar system is a wondrous thing. It’s hard to get it all in a simple chapter but Purposeful Design does give it a good try. This is one of the longer chapters and is a science lesson for a gap of ages.
  • Birds and Fish cover Chapter 5. This is another of my daughter’s favorite topics, all living things. How some birds are useful to the environment, their instincts, how God made them special rounds out this chapter.
  • Mammals and  Humans are in Chapter 6.  The  uniqueness of some animals and of course humans and their amazing body design are discussed.
  • Chapter 7 is not about rest as you would maybe assume but about is focused on the Lord and he made things so special just for us.
God has sense of humor. Check out these crazy critters.
God has sense of humor. Check out these crazy critters.

Interested? You can download 3 sample chapters of the book on the Purposeful Design website here. It includes the images in full color but truthfully it’s not the same impact as the hardbound book.

Purposeful Design also includes the free download of Purposeful Design Young Explorer’s Club that goes along with the book. Designed to explore the Purposeful Design book deeper on Days 1 through Day 7 and help your child to expand their thinking about God’s world.

Each you explore a verse tied to the chapter and then there are questions to ask about the different ways God created our earth. There are verses to reflect on and more exercises before closing in prayer.

The Purposeful Design Young Explorer’s Club is a  free download on the site here.

You can catch up with Jay online here…

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