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YWAM Publishing

My daughter loves reading the Christian Heroes: Then & Now  and Heroes of History series written by  YWAM Publishing and she was excited to get her hands on the biography Heroes of History- Harriet Tubman- Freedombound

YWAM Publishing is the publishing division of Youth With a Mission, is committed to publishing books that encourage young Christians to make a difference.

We are no strangers to YWAM Publishing and have also reviewed their Benjamin Franklin title.

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew got to choose from both of these series recently. In our homeschool we received a physical copy of  Heroes of History- Harriet  Tubman – Freedombound and the accompanying Study Guide which his downloadable.

Harriet Tubman was a title my daughter has been wanting to read. In her desire to become a missionary stories like this inspire her. I’m really glad YWAM publishes titles such as these. They are really popular among my daughter’s school age friends.

Harriet Tubman Biography

Heroes of History

Harriet Tubman was an African American abolitionist (part of the the movement to end slave trade) who lived from 1820 to 1913.

Born a slave herself she had a very hard childhood before finally escaping later on as an adult.

Harriet Tubman was a Christian and went on to help many other slaves to freedom, including members of her own family, to do the same through the mission called the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad was a system of secret homes and routes to get slaves to freedom in the north.

Harriet Tubman was nicknamed, “Moses”, for leading her people to freedom. Later in life she worked for the army during the Civil War in many capacities include a spy.

Freedombound chronicles her amazing life from young girl to her death in an engaging manner that makes the story riveting for young tweens (and adults if you really want to know).

Harriet Tubman Freedombound is a small paperbound book of 193 pages.

Harriet Tubman Unit Study

We were also given access to a Unit Study for Harriet Tubman Freedombound. The Unit Studies are a perfect way to dive deeper into these biographies. There are also guides for using the Unit Study with the books in many ways such as for your full history course. You can also use the Unit Study and biographies to teach Language Arts and Social Studies in addition to your US History Curriculum.

The Unit Study can be used for small groups, a classroom, or your homeschool. There are two parts to the Unit Study.

Part 1 contains ideas for a display corner, chapter questions, student explorations, community links (field trip ideas), Social Studies aspects, related themes, lists of more books and resources.

Part 2 contains a timeline, maps, and factsheet for Harriet Tubman.

Also within the Unit Study download is a Meet the Authors section, more about Harriet Tubman, and an extra bonus section that includes puzzles, maps, and samples from other books in the series.

The Unit Study comes as a downloadable zip file. Once you open it there is a Start Here page that you use to access the rest of the files associated (it works on both Mac and Window).

This year we have been specifically focusing on reading comprehension this year so we used the review questions that go with each chapter of the book. We also printed of the pages from Part 2 for an extra activity to drive the information home.

How Did We Like Harriet Tubman – Freedombound

My daughter was able to read Freedombound in about 3 days. She is in 7th grade and felt the book was right at her level. She had this to say about the title.

“I’ve been interested in reading about Harriet Tubman for a while.”

“I learned about her in school.”

“I don’t really have a favorite part in the book because I liked the whole book.”

Okay so it’s not a novel but she got the idea across LOL! She loved this book and actually picked it up to read again a few days ago.

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