Heroes of History, Benjamin Franklin Biography Book Review

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Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

To satisfy our curiosity of the life of Benjamin Franklin we’ve been reviewing and reading the Heroes of History- Benjamin Franklin biography book titled Live Wire with an accompanying Digital Unit Study by YWAM Publishing.

This biography of Benjamin Franklin is written in an interesting engaging way that captures the interest of children and adults alike.

Heroes of History- Benjamin FranklinLive Wire is 208 pages long and includes a downloadable Unit Study so that you can include the study of Benjamin Franklin into your homeschool curriculum.

Heroes of History- Benjamin FranklinLive Wire is priced at $7.50 on the YWAM website and can also be purchased in a Nook version, Kindle version, and ebook through the same website.

In case you’re wondering this biography is geared towards ages 10 and up.

Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

About Benjamin Franklin

A most accomplished individual the biography of Benjamin Franklin is sure to inspire both young and old.

Benjamin Franklin did not grow up in privilege. He was the fourteenth in a group of seventeen children.

Contrary to what you might think of one so accomplished young Benjamin only attend school for a couple of years before his father withdrew him and put him to work in the family business.

The youngest son of a soap and candle maker he was later apprenticed to his mean older brother before running away and starting out on his own.

Benjamin Franklin was a scientist, an author, an inventor, a postmaster, a US Ambassador, and a key founding father of our nation to name a few of his accomplishments and activities.

Oh how I wished we delved into historic individuals more when I was a child! Working through our history curriculum with my daughter we came to realize what an important figure Benjamin Franklin was to our nation’s history and thought it might be nice to delve further.


How We’re Using the Benjamin Franklin Biography


Since we have another history curriculum going we chose read Benjamin Franklin – Live Wire as a read aloud to start our day (after devotions).

First becoming interested in this fascinating man from watching kid’s video series my daughter expressed an interest into finding out more about him and all he had done.

So I thought this well written biography was a great way to find out more about Benjamin Franklin.

We read through about a chapter a day. With me doing most of the reading and she sitting there soaking it all in.

We can tend to get so into it that we want to keep going but really we have some other subjects to cover.

This is where you might want to consider the….

Digital Unit Study

The purchase of Heroes of History- Benjamin Franklin also includes a downloadable Digital Unit Study to help you really get the most out this book.

In the Unit Study there is a guide that offers ideas for using the Heroes of History books either as a curriculum or to flesh out your current curriculum.

Studying Benjamin Franklin can lead to a further study of Science, Character, Politics, and more.

The Unit Study also includes a chart of Social Study themes to aid you in selecting more books in the Heroes of History books to study and discuss.

The Unit Study itself contains a wide array of activities that can cover various learning styles, individual or group study, and various grade levels.

Examples of the activities are…

  • Quote Memorization
  • Setting up a display corner.
  • Crafts
  • Student Essays
  • Field Trips and more.

As readers we are enjoying the biography. The Unit Study section on Chapter Questions was the best fit for us at this time.  My daughter is a very inquisitive soul and this was a good time to expand her vocabulary and answer some questions she may have about life during Benjamin Franklin’s time.

An example of the questions is…

“What guided Benjamin’s father in making career choices for him?”

This is such a good question because we have seen this happen in our own extended family. What makes a father pick his son’s (or daughter’s) future career choice without pulling their own desires into it? Anyway that could be another blog post. But questions like these are good for parent and child alike.

This is only a small section of the Unit Study. So be sure and use it along with your reading.

To find out more you can connect with YWAM publishing here…

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