Middlebury Interactive Languages Spanish Curriculum Review

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Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

We’re continuing our Spanish Language studies while we review Middle School Spanish 1  by Middlebury Interactive Languages

Middle School Spanish 1 is one of the four World Language Courses from Middlebury Interactive Languages. They also provide French, German, and Chinese courses covering Elementary, Middle School, and High School grade levels including Fluency and Advance Placement courses.

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

The Middlebury Interactive Language semester courses for both Middle School and High School are 18 weeks or 90 days worth of content and each course expires one year from purchase date. The ideas is that you will use the program 5 days a week.

The language lessons in the Middlebury Interactive are self paced which works out well for us because some days we do one lesson some days we do more.

You can purchase the Language courses with or without Teacher Support. We used the program without Teacher Support. Teacher Support is probably really helpful when working on pronunciation but we went with it because we are under the impression that we have great accents 😉

Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

The Middlebury Interactive Language programs are done completely as an online program. We used the program with my Macbook Pro Laptop. It’s old.


How We Used Middlebury Interactive Languages

We have used Middlebury Interactive Language programs before so getting started was familiar for us. The screen is user friendly with a menu icon on the left that you can click that will take you to the Calendar, Table of Contents, Grade Book, Notifications, and a few other things.

My Middlebury Calendar listed 2 lessons per day 5 days a week which was not how we were able to use the program. So I had to dismiss that or better yet ignore it. And I did not see a way to edit that to reflect how we really had our Spanish Classes. In our lessons there are 9 Units in the Semester and 10 Lessons per Unit. Each lesson was several slides long.

To play the lessons when you log in your lessons for the day show on the front screen. You can also click the Table of Contents item selection under the menu icon. The drop down of lessons shows on the left and your current lesson in the window on the right. The lessons you’ve completed are checked off which is nice in case you get antsy and start exploring. This was good for us because we did go exploring and lost our way back a few times. Seeing the green check offs on the right let me know where we needed to continue on.

And you can also access your lessons from the Calendar.

While the sweet Peanut used the Middlebury Interactive Spanish Middle School  lessons I followed a long. She’s a bit more advance than I am in Spanish but I wanted to learn some too. She did the actual work and I just followed along since some items are graded.

I like that the MIL (my shortcut for this program) included grammar rules at the beginning. Verb tenses and masculine and feminine nouns are important things to know when learning languages like Spanish, French, and Italian so I liked that they got into this right away. This was something that the Sweet Peanut glossed over so when it came up again it was apparent that she hadn’t thought it important enough to pay attention. We went back and reviewed it so she could understand.

And I like that we could go back. Muy Importante!

There is also a Grade Book in the program. We did not use this but it’s nice to know it’s there especially if you were using the High School or A/P versions.


How Did We Like Middlebury Interactive Middle School Spanish Lesson?

I really liked these interactive lessons. I actually like them better than the Elementary Lessons by the same company but I think that is a personal preference on content. My daughter has really been into learning her languages lately and this is what she had to say….

Sweet Peanut

“I like it because it’s fun.” Well there you have it folks! She loves it. She’s really into learning her languages. BTW she’s supplementing this with a Kindle translation program and harassing us to death on various phrases.

For me I really like how Middlebury Interactive Languages starts with what I consider to be good building blocks for learning a language. The interactiveness keeps you interested and testing how you sound against a native speaker is a good way to see how you are doing.

I think it’s a really good tool for adding foreign language into your homeschool (or even personal study).

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