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I got to have a relaxing evening the other day and watch Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures as part of the Homeschool Review Crew

In our family my daughter likes me to pre-watch movies before she does. That was okay when she was little but she’s 13 now and its kind of taking the fun out of it. Oh well. I digress.

Even though I thought, based on the description, that Princess Cut would be a great movie for her to watch, I agreed to preview it first before she got a chance to view it.

Watchman Pictures takes is name from the Bible and uses the medium of film to share the truth.

Some of the actors in the film may be familiar from other Christian movies.

  • Ashley Bratcher
  • Rusty Martin, Sr.
  • Jenn Gotzon
  • Joseph Gray
  • Mimi Sagadin
  • Cory Assink

Princess Cut has won several awards and gets the Dove 12+ Family Seal of Approval.

About Princess Cut

Princess Cut is a very clean movie about a young woman who is looking for love in all the wrong places. Some things we know that happened previous to our stepping into the scene are that Grace is dating some guy she thinks will propose to her very soon. Her parents don’t seem happy with the guy but other than frowning they don’t give her much to go on (in my opinion). This guy quickly proves to be a jerk and Grace is a bitter young woman sworn off men…sort of. She meets a new guy shortly after who actually seems pretty nice. He pursues her and agrees to her conditions for dating (meet her parents, not being alone). She seems to be having a great time. And that is where I will stop.

Princess Cut is a movie focused on the Christian worldview. Grace’s family prays , her father mentions God and the Lord a lot, and Grace mentions that she wants to wait on God.  I love that about this movie. It’s refreshing.

The characters are Grace, her parents, her 2 brothers, her best friend, a couple of guys, and a visiting woman.


We received a physical DVD of the movie in a plastic shell clam case.

The movie is an hour and 36 minutes long.

How Did I like Princess Cut

Like I mentioned I ended up watching this by myself at first (boo hoo). But later my daughter and I watched it together. It’s a little girly for my husband but he appreciates a good clean movie so he might have enjoyed it also. He came in around the last 10 minutes. He got into it and was sad he missed the rest (he had been at the gym with a friend).

This is not a big budget movie. If you are familiar with some of the smaller produced movies, especially in the Christian genre then you will know what I’m talking about. No special effects basically. The acting is okay. A little bit like watching a made for TV movie….I think. I don’t have tv anymore so I’m not quite sure on that last point.

This movie theme is not a high drama movie so there is no high drama. Even though the main subject of the movie is about letting God write your love story younger Tweens may be able to enjoy it also because it’s so nice and clean (I personally appreciate that). Grace does talk a little about doing things with her boyfriend she didn’t think her parents would be happy with but the movie is formatted that you think of this as kissing and not much more. At one point Grace goes into her boyfriend’s house when nobody is home when she clearly is conflicted about this.

In the beginning Grace mentions that she has been dating her current boyfriend for 15 months and thinks he will propose. But then when she meets him for dinner we wonder if Grace even knew Stuart at all.

My daughter and I both really enjoyed this movie. Her comment is that she is letting us (her parents) find her spouse. I asked her to please not even think about any of this for at least 7 more years. Sigh!

Princess Cut Christian Romance Movie - a Homeschool Review

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