Review Your Solar System Facts With a FlipStir Puzzle

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FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

Back when my daughter learned about the planets in our solar system and all that great outer space stuff we really took to it.

So when we got the chance to review the Solar System puzzle from Enlivenze LLC through the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew I thought it would be a fun way to refresh her memory.

Enlivenze LLC is a company that creates several FlipStir puzzles. They are meant to entertain both adults and children and each puzzle is price at $24.95.

Right now there are 4 puzzles available on their website.

We received the Solar System puzzle and immediately set to work to solve it!FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

This is a puzzle completely enclosed in a case. You manipulate the puzzle pieces with an attached wand stuck in the case.

Our puzzle contains 10 pieces and includes all the planets in the Solar System (except Pluto which brings on heavy debate in my extended family).

There are 2 levels of FlipStir puzzles. Level 1 includes puzzles with smooth sides that are a little easier to stack. Level 2 (the Solar System is Level 2) includes puzzles with wavy edges to make it more difficult to solve.


Enjoying the FlipStir Puzzles

The Sweet Peanut was excited to tackle this puzzle on the solar system and after a couple of tries became and old hat at it. I was kind of amazed at how quickly she became adept at it. Not so with others. This has become a parlor game in our home. Surprisingly the adults seem to find a bit harder to solve.FlipStir-2

My sister gave up. My nephew said it was designed to frustrate and gave up. My daughter’s friends said it looked hard. I struggled through and got it and my husband is in the class of avoiding it in case he can’t solve it.

I’m guessing this puzzle helps with dexterity too. All that twisting and gyrating to get the pieces to line up.

This puzzle is really fun to have in the house. I like to pull it out for guests. It’s a nice ice breaker to have on hand. Homeschoolwise it was also a nice fun review for the order of the planets. Like puzzles? Know somebody who does? This makes a great gift.

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