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Smart Kidz Radio
As homeschoolers you’re going to spend a lot of time listening. Listening to books, dramas, classes, and music. It’s fun and challenges you to use your imagination.  Now there’s something new for your to listen to from Smart Kidz Media called Smart Kidz Radio

We’ve reviewed Smart Kidz Media and their online video library and really like their mission to provide children with media to support and reinforce their education.

Recently members of the Homeschool Review Crew were able to test out Smart Kidz Radio.

About Smart Kidz Radio

Here’s a screenshot

Smart Kidz Radio is a free radio listening station for kids with a future planned On Demand section of more Learning Songs.  The On Demand section includes Bedtime songs, Relaxation, Baby’s First Signs, and quite a bit more.

The radio station features songs teaching your child Life Skills.

Examples are songs about health and hygiene, about emotions, and feelings. The songs are catchy and remind me of when my daughter was small (sniff).

There are very few ads and the ones that are there are for more Smart Kidz products.

It’s directed towards children ages 3 to 12.

There is also an included Podcast section featuring favorite Fairytales.


To use the program click the menu button so you can see all the options. That’s where you’ll find the podcasts.

My daughter is 13 but she still likes some stuff made for kids younger. You know how it is. It’s also fun to listen to stuff while you work or clean or even eat something.

While I do like this it is probably best for a children maybe a bit younger than she is (9 and down). It’s still nice to enjoy the positive message songs and having the chance to listen to something fun and happy. And she’s not too old to hear a message in the song. You never know what makes your child have a thoughtful moment.

You can access Smart Kidz Radio online and they are working on an app so you can have your songs on the go. There are a few other links under the menu for things like maps and weather.


Smart Kidz Radio

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Smart Kidz Radio Homeschool Reviews

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