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I have a bit of difficulty when it comes to keeping my daughter in reading books. She has discriminating tastes, prefers books set back in past, lots of adventure, with a young girl as the heroine.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

So after hearing much about this author I was excited to review Tales from the Circle C Ranch by Circle C Adventures and  Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook for the Schoolhouse Crew Review.

Tales of the Circle C Ranch Bookk Review

Tales from the Circle C Ranch is a soft bound book of little short stories that cover some aspects of, main character, Andi Rose Carter’s life and adventures through the years.

The lapbook takes a closer look at some of the details that may have happened during Andi’s time. Such as the history of britches. What a grocery store during the 1800’s may have been like. And the History of Photography. It’s got some really nice stuff in it and makes and excellent study of life in the past.

Andi Rose Carter is a young girl in the Circle C books. The stories take place in the 1800’s on the Circle C Ranch in California and begin when Andi was about six years old.

Andi has all sorts adventures that involve family and friends and the Tales from the Circle C Ranch fills in a few gaps that current readers of the series have been wondering about. This book is meant to transition between when Andi was younger in the Circle C Beginnings and Circle C Adventure books and when Andi was older in the Circle C Milestones.

The beginning of each story states the year so you can have some idea of how old Andi is during the story. That’s kind of important in case you want to read the other books in the series like we now want to.

I talked with my daughter about this review and we chose to read this book as a read aloud. Meaning Me reading aloud. She’s a good reader and we both lose ourselves in our respective books each day so reading aloud doesn’t come often.

Each day between school subjects my daughter pulled up a beanbag and I read a chapter from Tales from the Circle C Ranch. She (my daughter) really enjoyed Andi’s antics and has asked for the rest of the series.

Here are the titles of the chapters.

  • Britches Are Not for Little Girls
  • The Best Gift of All
  • Aunt Rebecca and the Hat
  • White Christmas
  • Prince Loco, Chad’s Crazy Horse
  • Hurrah for the Fourth of July!
  • A Matter of Honor
  • Snakes Alive!
  • Virginia’s Riding Lesson
  • Where the Trees Meet the Bay
  • Adios, Jeffrey Sullivan.

My favorite story was Aunt Rebecca and the Hat. Andi’s persnickety aunt brings her a hideous hat as a gift and insists she wears it. Andi wins out in the end but she gets some help from a four legged friend for this.

I think these stories are great for kids.  I enjoyed reading them to my daughter and she enjoyed the adventures. Truthfully I enjoyed the stories too.

There are a lot more Andi stories too in the complete collection that you can find over at Circle C Adventures

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