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The Typing Coach

We were blessed with a beautiful Vintage Typewriter for our daughter a little over a year ago so getting to improve her typing skills with The Typing Coach Online Typing Course by The Typing Coach has been a wonderful blessing.

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a self-paced online Typing Lesson program perfect for kids and adults. It’s a simple few frills program created by a former typing teacher.

The Typing Coach costs $17 per person, per year and can be used by the whole family.

The Typing Coach combines audio, video and printed, self paced lessons to quickly get you typing at a comfortable speed.

The Typing Coach
The Homeschool Review Crew members were recently given subscriptions to the Typing Coach to test drive it on students and family alike.

Using The Typing Coach

We quickly found out there are a few things to do first to get organized in the Typing Coach before actually typing. And they are key for learning the program and having consistent success.

Before starting to type you will need to….

  • Read the Introduction
  • Take a Visual Tour of the Course
  • Read information for alternate use Word Processing programs
  • Print several packets to be used
  • Read an explanation of the Typing Method
  • Visit the Teacher Resource Center
  • Discover the Practice and Testing Center
  • Take a Before and After Test
  • Learn about Mastering Good Posture

And Now! You’re ready to Type!

How We Used The Typing Coach

So as you can see from the above list it does take a little bit of reading to be up and actually typing with the Typing Coach. All of this stuff is important to really getting the most out of this program but… I’ll get back to that.

My sweet daughter was gifted a mint condition vintage typewriter a little over a year ago. It’s been a hit with her friends (so we hid it).

I spent some time looking for vintage typing lessons for her. And when I say “vintage” I mean something like I learned to type with eons ago in high school.  There were no bells and whistles but I learned to type simply and efficiently. A life long skill.  My daughter has been hunting and pecking her English reports so in the interest of finishing the school day before dinnertime getting her up to speed using the Typing Coach is a goal.

After getting through the introductory information this is our system for working with The Typing Coach Online Typing Course. The Sweet Peanut listens to the audio and then spends several days practicing. The lesson audios are exercises to help the fingers memorize what key is where through repetition.

After your fingers have gone through memorizing where the keys are it’s time to practice typing from a sheet. The printable Student Practice packet contains exercises for each lesson. When you can type them with without making a mistake it’s time to take test in the Practice & Testing Center.

In the Practice & Testing Center you take a timed test. Once you have gotten a perfect score you get to move on to the next lesson.

How did we like The Typing Coach?

There is a lot of information for this course. So much so that I found myself a little bogged down in the beginning.  I found myself just needing something simple, an outline, or something to tell what steps to take in what order. The extra information is helpful but with it all out there on your logged in home page you’re not sure what you need to read and what might be extra information.

After figuring what steps to take in each order (with some mess up). We have, what I hope, is the system down. It is achieving results though it must be it.

The Sweet Peanut uses her Vintage Typewriter and the student packet to practice. There are only instructions for using a computer word processing program but we’re making it work old style.


Despite a little bit of confusion with what steps to take when I do like the Typing Tutor.  We’re getting results and the Sweet Peanut is so happy when she perfects a line. My husband wants to take these lessons now. Don’t know when we’ll find the time but he adamant that he needs this.

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The Typing Coach Online Typing Tutor Homeschool Review Crew Review

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