The Vintage Art of Quilling {a HSIW Review}

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I have seen beautiful Quilling pictures before and wanted to learn how to do this interesting vintage are. Thanks to Homeschool in the Woods my daughter and were able to learn and we have been quilling with The Art of Quilling an Á La Carte product .

Several of the Homeschool Review Crew members also got to try out some of the Á La Carte offerings by Homeschool in the Woods.

Some titles included….

Á La Carte means “seperately priced” or smaller product that gives you a taste of what the company is all about.

We enjoy Homeschool in the Woods Untit Studies and lapbooks and have reviewed a few other  items of theirs through the years.

What is Quilling

Quilling is the art of rolling paper.  It can be found in history going as far back as Ancient Egypt. In other times in history it was used to decorate containers holding holy items.  My familiarity with quilling came in the form of seeing beautiful pictures done with it. It’s so pretty! Once you figure out how to manipulate your little scrolls into different shapes the possibilities are endless!

Our Foray into the Art of Quilling

The Art of Quilling came as a simple 6 page downloadable PDF which we printed off. It’s geared towards grades 3 through 11. I say higher because I’m well over the  11th grade and I used it just fine (wink here).

I printed the pages double sides and went to work.

If you’re going to use The Art of Quilling for anything other than family there are other license options for teachers and even schools.  Would make a nice Co-Op class.

After the licensing information the first page contains tips for printing and what to do with scrap paper etc. I think this is general information included with many of their products because I did have any scratch paper (maybe because I didn’t make my own quilling strips).

After that are supplies list and directions for putting together the Forget Me Not Quilling picture.

The next page contains more history on the art of Quilling and tips for making the various shapes.

And then finally the pattern that you print and work on.

So following directions we first got our hands on a a quilling tool. After browsing online I picked up a little kit that came with a few other things besides the quilling tool. It also came with several colors of papers. Quilling takes long thin cuts of paper. My paper cutter is not the best and I’m just not ready to make my own papers yet. You can find these already cut papers in crafts stores too.

My daughter and I decided that creating our art while watching a movie was a good way to go. Were we right? Shrug.

After reading through the directions I grabbed the supplies and started. I actually originally got the Quilling book for myself. It was something I had wanted to do. But then my daughter saw me doing it and wanted to give it a try. I read the directions to her and then helped her do her first coil.

Afer that we were a team. She would make the coils and I would organize the colors and then glue the pieces when we were done.

We made the Forget Me Not pictured below together.

Okay I must confess that I free handed it instead of using the pattern. I wanted to see how good we could do without the pattern…maybe we should have used the pattern. But it’s close right?

Since then I’ve seen a lot of pretty stuff you can make with quilling shapes. Ohmigosh! I had no idea. I want to have a little girl party and invite all my daugther’s friends over! They love crafts and I think they would love the things they can create with Quilling.

This was a simple but fun craft to make.

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The Vintage Art of Quiling - Homemaking Organized

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