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FishFlix.com Review no 2
If your family is like my family you look hard for clean movies and shows you can all watch and enjoy together. You appreciate when someone else blogs about a recent or even not so recent find so that you can add it to your own list of family favorites.

When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is one of those family friendly movies and we got to review a copy from FishFlix.com

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About When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is Episode 3 from Season 2 of the When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family


FishFlix.com Review no 2

What is it about?

When Calls the Heart is a television series based upon a series of Christian fiction books written by author Janette Oke. I was blessed to be able to read many of Janette Oke’s books as a young girl so it’s been a treat to see some of them translated into movies.

When Calls the Heart tells of a young woman, named Elizabeth, who answers the call for teachers out in a rough Canadian mining town out West.

In addition to helping the town’s children, many who have lost their fathers in a mine accident, endearing herself to their families, and discovering her own strength and mettle she meets a Canadian Mountie named Jack (different name in the books).  The television episodes deal with little dramas in the town and the tension between Jack and Elizabeth as they realize they like each other.

When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family is episode number 3 from Season 2 of this series.  At this point in time Elizabeth and Jack have been dancing around the liking each other issue for well over a season (much to our frustration) and in this episode she has finally returned from visiting her snotty family in the big city back to our small town (newly renamed Hope Valley).

Trying to show that she can rough it Elizabeth agrees to watch a couple of children and a homestead for a local neighbor who has to leave town for a few days. Smilin’ Jack (he’s kind of always smiling) shows up to give her a hand. Some heart to heart discussions ensue when the children aren’t around and they seem to be getting back on the right track and footing with each other.

Some side stories include higher level (not sure what to call his station) mountie Bill Avery who is acting a bit off. He’s on the trail of a counterfeit ring but he’s rubbing Jack the wrong way. He’s also got some stuff going on with an ex-wife which I really didn’t want to see in this nice family friendly show. We hope he’s a good guy in the long run.

Then there’s Abigail and her newly discovered daughter in law, town villain Henry Gowen, and Jack’s former fiance Rosemary bringing up the rear.

Are you a little lost? I would be surprised if you weren’t. With When Calls the Heart you kind of have to start at Season 1 or else you will be. Really. There is a lot happening in this episode and to just jump in on it will probably just make you mad.

So since this review is about this particular episode in Season 2 and not Season 1 I will stick there.


We enjoyed…

I like that this is a time period show that I can (for the most part) sit down and watch with my daughter. We enjoy kicking back with a good clean period drama together. I loved Janette Oke’s books and it’s nice to see them being put into movies and shows.

Even though most of these new characters are not in the book we do enjoy some of them…some of them.

We like the other townspeople and wish they would feature them more.

The villain that won’t go away Henry Gowen. Love to hate him. Really, technically, he should be gone by now but I guess you need a villain and he does make things interesting.

Abigail is a sweet character too.

But What Happened?

I was a little disappointed that Season 2 took such a large detour from Season 1 and might look like a different show all together.

My family really enjoyed Season 1 of When Calls the Heart so we were excited about season two. Sadly there were some changes in Season 2 that we did not like.

Most of the issues had to do with wardrobe and makeup.

Call me a prude but I don’t like Vintage Homemaking for nuthin’! I know Elizabeth’s not a homemaker but living out in a rustic town such as she is low cut pastel evening gowns just aren’t cutting it for everyday wear. And all the hair on the women is worn down and loose! In what was formerly a coal mining town can you say dirt and debris in your do?!  Also too much makeup. It is really out of place.

Part of the appeal of Season 1 was the rustic old fashionedness (I know that’s not a word but you get the idea). The quaint coal mining town stories and the still grieving children in Elizabeth’s school. All of that seems to have been removed for intrigue and drama and romance.

If you’re looking for something to watch with your children note that this is a romantic series. Even more so this season. There is not a bunch of smooching but there are long looks and smiles and almost kisses. There’s also a quick inuendo between Jack and Elizabeth (what???!!!) which I was pretty surprised about (and which is really out of place in this series).

Even though I watched the show with my 10 year (who complained about the outfits the whole way through) she actually does ask me to watch it first to rule out any scenes she is not comfortable with.

My husband is having a love/hate relationship with the show. The changes are very irritating to him but he wants to know what happens with the two minor characters Bill Avery and Henry Gowen.

Find Out More

If  When Calls the Heart, Heart of the Family does sound like your cup of tea you can pick it up along with Season 1 and the rest of Season 2 at FishFlix.com.  FishFlix has so many Christian videos in so many genres.

Also there were 3 trailers for Christian movies on my When Calls the Heart DVD that I would like to look into. I don’t think I would have my 10 year old watch them based on subject matter (infidelity, prodigal son, etc.) but they do look pretty interesting.

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