Homeschoolers at Home Tuesdays

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Homeschoolers-at-Home-TuesdaysHappy Tuesday!

So every day I get to talk to these amazing women online. Some work outside the home. Some work in the home. Some have homes businesses. Some care for relatives. And some do all of the above. Then there’s the families. Big and small and all schooling from home!

These are my Old Schoolhouse Review Crew partners for the new 2015 year.

We all come together in this great meeting place and share with each other. About most everything. And I’ve asked them to share a little of their lives with you.

They have a lot on their plates and and they support their families in every way possible. I find them so fascinating and interesting I just had to introduce them to you!

So welcome to my new weekly feature!

Homeschoolers at Home Tuesdays

My friends are excited to meet you and one by one I’ll be bringing them by to introduce themselves and share a little of their lives. You may find some new friends. I know I sure have.





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